Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Corn Report: It's Up!

We have some happy farmers in Southern Minnesota today.

I am hoping to do Corn Reports this year on the CCC blog and I have been trying to convince my hubby to be my contributing author (he's not digging it, no pun intended). After all, if corn was important enough to make the title of this blog then I ought to write about it now again, right? And really, it's an awesome process -- I think everyone should understand the brainpower and manpower behind our food supply.

So the first Corn Report is an exciting one! IT'S UP!

It's was an absolutely gorgeous early spring in Southern MN and most farmers jumped at their chance to get in the field to plant corn. And then, unfortunately, it got a bit cold....which isn't always good for new seeds in the ground. Mark kept assuring me that if it wasn't out of the ground and if it only got cold for a few days, we should be okay, but I still think everyone was waiting impatiently to see the first signs of life.

There is a long way to go before this little guy makes us a crop and we need some sunshine and rain for the next few weeks to keep it growing. But before we can pray for rain and sunshine, we needed to get it out of the ground.

And now that all the corn is in, we get to start on soybeans! The fun never ends for a farmer. :)

By the way, Happy May Day! As I told Mark this morning, this used to be my official holiday, but since there is no Purfeerst Day -- I am still celebrating!


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  1. Love southern Minnesota, those pictures and all the farming talk makes me miss home! :)