101 in 1001

It's official.
Once I publish this, I have 1001 days to complete 101 goals.
To read more about my goals and the ones I've completed, click here!
The items below in turquoise have been completed! Go me!

1. Get married.
2. Have a dinner date party with couple friends.
3. Take dancing lessons as a couple.
4. Go see a musical/play.
5. Go to a comedy club.
6. Surprise Mark with breakfast five times.
7. Spend a whole weekend lounging in bed.
8. Take a anniversary trip.
9. Call Mark every morning on my way to work for two weeks straight.
10. Go on a sushi date.

11. Take cattle to Louisville.
12. Own my own heifer.
13. Donate to the NDSU Judging Club.
14. Coach a 4-Her to the top 10 in state judging.
15. Become a member of the Young Producer Council.
16. Become a member of a breed association.
17. Judge five shows. (2 out of 5)
18. Respond to five articles related to the beef industry.
19. Write three agvocate blogs per month for 5 months.
20. Make all the breeding decisions on my own heifer...and get a calf. (I better get a move on #12.)

21. Run a 5k. (April 29th!)
22. Work out 2 times per week for 10 weeks.
23. Stop drinking pop.
24. Get my ears fixed.
25. Lose 7 pounds.
26. Golf 9 holes.
27. Join a gym.
28. Drink 4 glasses of water/day for 20 days straight.
29. Rollarblade down the Cannon Trail.
30. Keep room clean for 2 weeks straight. Twice.

Things to Own
31. Purchase Adobe Creative Suites.
32. Buy a business suit I love and feel powerful in.
33. Own the complete Sex & The City series.
34. Buy a car that I trust in the winter.
35. Own a new DSL camera.
36. Splurge on another pair of Sperry's...or two. :)
37. Resole my boots and then buy a new pair.
38. Own my own sewing machine.

Things To Do
39. Watch 3 classic movies I have never seen.
40. Sleep in a tent.
41. Visit a museum in Minnesota, another state and another country.
42. Tip someone 100%.
43. Go to the Renaissance Festival.
44. Plant a garden.
45. Visit 3 local winemakers. (Cannon Winery)
46. Do the Old Chicago Beer Tour (or at least two mini-tours).
47. Eat dinner at 5 new restaurants. (Chapati, Hana Japanese & Asian Cuisine)
48. Attend a live taping of a show.
49. Send 8 emails/cards/notes to my France family. (1 of 8)
50. Support a political candidate I believe in.

Things To Learn
51. Learn how to swim.
52. Learn one new word for 365 days.
53. Learn how to shoot a gun.
54. Attempt to ski. :)
55. Learn how to play pinochle.
56. Perfect 3 songs on the piano.
57. Learn basic French.
58. Make a Kate Ries bag...actually, make two.

59. Go to Church 2 times per month.
60. Pray with God everyday.

61. Consolidate my student loans.
62. Pay off half ALL my student loans.
63. Put away 3 paychecks for emergency fund.
64. Save up all my change to cash in.
65. Pay off credit card for 5 months straight. (5 of 5)

66. Read 2 biographies.
67. Take Adobe class.
68. Take an art/craft class.
69. Read 5 new books (The Greatest Gift, Silver Girl, Hunger Games).
70. Subscribe to US News Report. (I am declaring Time just as good.)

71. Design 3 websites.
72. Keep Purfeerst website updated.
73. Enter a photo in a contest.
74. Get 20 followers on this blog.
75. Blog 3 times per week for 6 weeks straight. (1 of 6)
76. Make a quilt.
77. Perfect a joke.
78. Comment on 10 random blogs.
79. Try 5 new recipes (Stuffed Mushroom, PW Broc & Chz, Swiss & Ham Sliders, Spinach Artichoke Dip, Wild Rice Casserole, Pumpkin Cupcakes).

80. Tell someone that I love them everyday.
81. Make 5 new friends.
82. Send a care package.
83. Catch up with an old friend once a week.
84. Send flowers 3 times.
85. Send 15 birthday cards.

Doing Good
86. Donate hair to Locks of Love.
87. Donate blood.
88. Pay for someone's food in front of me.
89. Donate to Dakota County State Fair Auction fund.

90. Get 4,000 fans on Facebook.
91. Publish 1 story/month for 12 months straight.
92. Join LPC and win an award.
93. Get a photo in BEEF.

94. Visit Megan in Montana, Lindsay in Maddock and Cassie in Texas.
95. Go to Vegas for NFR.
96. Watch spring training in Florida.
97. Go overseas with Mark.
98. Go to Boston.
99. Get 3 more stamps on my passport. (Mexico)

100. Give updates on my list twice a month.
101. Make a new list once I am done.