Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Headed East & Down

My bags are packed.

My jeans are starched.

My homework is done.

My wedding card is sent.

My boots are polished.

My prayers are said.

And half of my 2 million sets are given--the other half will be given this week.

I am off to Louisville...I am nervous...but I a mainly excited.  No matter what happens next Monday, I am so happy with the decision I made last fall.  Imagine where I would be if I hadn't decided to be on this team...?  Here goes everything...wish me luck! :)

Monday, November 8, 2010

How much is a Stamp?

I found the most ridicoulous thing today.

There is a whole website dedicated to the current cost of a stamp--and that is it.

One page.  About 10 words.  3 advertised links.

REALLY?  Who pays the yearly fee to keep that site activated?

Check it out at http://howmuchisastamp.com.  Simple enough url, huh?  Or and if you want you can follow them on Twitter, they currently have one tweet. 

Just so you know, a stamp is currently 44 cents...which I momentarily forget...hence why I googled "how much is a stamp."  My dumbness is growing, but give me some credit, Forever Stamps don't say the cost.

So maybe you should all bookmark the site, I bet you could get a lot of use out of it.  :)

Friday, November 5, 2010


I have a friend that is an excellent photographer.

That's a lie...I have quite a few excellent friends that take excellent pictures...but this blog is dedicated to one friend in particular.  She is cute, little and pretty spunky...and she has got quite the eye.

I can't help but share her talent with you...she has done an AMAZING job of capturing Saddle and Sirloin's story.  I bet most of you don't even need captions...her pictures tell it all.  Watch out for Liz Seamand's in the future, this lady is going places.  :)

By the way...I will give a prize to the first person who can tell me what the song their singing in photo seven?  Every BISON better know it! :)

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Life ain't always beautiful...

Sometimes it just lets you down.  

I am sure those lyrics aren't right.  But if you know anything about me, you know I don't know the words to any song and I don't really care to either.

Today, those words fit best so they get to stay.  It's their lucky day.

And it hasn't really been mine.  

But through good and bad, this blog and I have to stick together.  So here's your disclaimer--I have no crazy good news; I haven't won a thousand dollars because a cow pooped on my square, I haven't flown to Puerto Rico lately and my room is not clean.  But just the same, I have been making it and learning something new everyday.  Here it goes...

We returned home from out trip to the American Royal and took a lot from our day in Kansas City.  As a team, we had some highs and some lows.  As an individual, I had some highs and lows.  Which brings me to LESSON #1: Every moment is important.  Every class counts.  Every steer needs to be evaluated.  Every score adds up.  I had a decent day at the Royal, especially in the room.  I had dropped 24 points on 7 sets.  I reaped the benefits in the sheep division as 3rd High Individual.  My eighth score hurt me...a lot.  I was one of the last set's of the day...and I lied my butt off.  My reasons taker put up his feet, looked away and pretty much marked his card as soon as I said my placing.  I promise you--I will not be taking a single set, class or animal for granted at Louisville.  

After the Royal, I also got to experience LESSON #2.   People you love are going to hurt you.  It's up to you how you overcome it.  It isn't an option to push family, friends or boyfriends out of your life just because they make you mad and  I knew I had no choice but to forgive, move on and hope for better...but those things are easier said to done.  Sometimes only time can heal an open wound.

Back in Fargo this week, I learned one of the best lessons yet...LESSON #3: Your job is to make your boss's job easier.  A wise friend from Angus told me this before I left that summer, but I never really realized how true it is before this month.  BWW (Buffalo Wild Wings) has been crazy lately.  A new store opened, the old store was completely renovated, a million (maybe more) new cashiers have frantically become waitress in quest for a full staff and our manager has literally spent days on end at the store.  

Now I have worked hard for BWW the last 2 years, but in return I have took full advantage of all the flexibility they gave me in scheduling.  They have treated me well and I have got Christmas, Easter, summers and every cow show in between off--and I have never felt bad about it...until lately.  Literally, I can't convince myself to take an unneeded day off to prepare for Louisville, because I do NOT want to give my manager or my co-workers any more stress.  And regardless of how terrible the moral at BWWs might be right now,  I am proud that I work for a company and a manager I respect that much.

Finally, LESSON #4: Love can never work without work.  Time isn't a bond that guarantees forever.  Forever only happens if you work at forever...and if you don't it can slip away.  Life can change people and the only way that friends/relationships/couples don't have to change is to realize that people change. Accept it and make the best of it.  Make it work.   

Okay.  That's all I have friends.  Sorry it isn't uplifting, advocating or funny...but hopefully meaningful just the same. 

P.S.  Thanks for reading.  You don't know how much it means to get a comment or a reply.  :)