About Me

Hi! I am Jamie!

I started Cows, Corn, & Country Girls nearly three years ago and at that time, those 4 words pretty much summed me up. I was a farm girl traveling the country livestock judging and attending shows with my family, all while studying agriculture communications and advertising at NDSU. I had big dreams and lofty goals. I had a fantastic boyfriend who shared all the same obsessions. And I had a pack of best friends who could chat with the best of 'em about bull sales and cattle genetics, but that also enjoyed dressing up and having a good time. Life was just where I wanted.

Fast forward three years, and not much has changed. I still have to warn my husband that I have had my limit of cattle talk for the day, I now work for one of the nation's best agriculture magazines and heated debates about when to sell corn and what to breed our cows to is a weekly topic at my dinner table. I still have all of those beautiful country girls in my life, but they aren't down the hall from me anymore. They are spread out across the Midwest and they are pioneering a path of their own.
To sum it up, I love anything related to agriculture. Currently, my husband and I run a herd of Angus cattle and we are running our own farm this year with corn and soybean. However, that's not where I end.

I love the social media world and meeting new people who are connected to the same things. It's amazing how a blogger can inspire me to be bigger and better. I might have slight obsession with shopping and nothing makes my day more than finding a good deal. I love to read and write. I am bit sarcastic and a little direct and I am not afraid to tell you how I feel. But be warned, sometimes my introvert side comes out and I just want to crawl into my shell. 

I have an absolutely fabulous, nerdy, cattle-obsessed husband who makes me laugh, a niece and nephew that I love to death and a family that I would do anything for. I like to argue politics and I love the craziness behind an election race. I like to think that I am crafty. In fact, my personal mantra is "why buy it, when I could make it." I also have a wrapping paper obsession and I love giving people the perfect gift.

If you are still reading this, I hope you get that I am multifaceted, just like almost every 20-something girl is these days. I can't guarantee you that you will just get ag updates or that I won't overload you with life updates one week. This blog serves as an outlet for me and is an opportunity to hold myself accountable and push me to achieve my goals.

Most importantly though, it's an opportunity to meet great people like you! Thanks for stopping by! Make sure to become a follower too! Have any questions? Just send me an email at cowscorncountryblog@gmail.com. Or visit me on G+. I'd love to chat!