Tuesday, October 26, 2010

It's Time

A goal is simply a dream with a deadline.

I leave for Kansas City tomorrow at 6 am.  Louisville is three short weeks away. Mr. Napoleon Hill hit it right on the head--it's time to make this dream a reality.  Wish me luck...talk to you soon. :)

Monday, October 25, 2010

I Heart Herefords.

If you didn't know...I like cattle.

I like to show cattle.  I like to raise cattle.  I like to judge cattle.  I like to fit cattle.  I like to write about cattle.   I basically like anything to do with an animal that has four legs, moos and preferably has really good hair :)

So accordingly, I had a pretty fantastic weekend.  I not only was surrounded by really good cattle each day, but I got to spend that time with my family, teammate and boyfriend..and this cute little girl.  I couldn't ask for much more.

And like a cherry on top of an already great cake...I got to spend the majority of my time with Hereford cattle.  To me, that makes it perfect.

Now, admittedly I have spent a lot of my time with the American Angus Association, the Purfeerst family and CAB and sure, I do enjoy a really good black heifer; but there is something about Herefords that pull at my heart.  Especially good Herefords and trust me, I saw a lot of them Saturday & Sunday.

My team got to spend Saturday at Topp Herefords out of Grace City, ND judging some excellent Hereford bull calves.  These genetics will later go on to sell at one of the most profitable and productive Hereford bull sales in the nation.  I was in heaven (except I wanted to bring them home and make them steers).

On Sunday, I snuck home to see Jas and Matt show at the MN Beef Expo, which happened to be featuring the Hereford breed.  Kuddos to the MN Hereford Association for their awesome work and participation.  It was impressive to see the quantity and quality of Hereford cattle...and they did an excellent job of promoting their breed.  They even had a huge, blown-up Hereford bull behind the show ring to compliment the Certified Hereford Beef promotions everywhere.

Hopefully, I see lots of good Herefords in Kansas and down the road.  And who knows....my little brothers girlfriend may be the Hereford Queen soon too!?   Good Luck Mattie :)  I wanted to buy a heifer this year...and trust me after this weekend, it is definitely going to be red and white.  However, Marko says the only way he will raise Herefords is if they are REALLY good...I see no problem with that though, we might just have to be a little picky.  I can't wait to add a little color to his herd down the road... :)

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Deals. New Clothes. Deals. New Clothes. Deals.

I was crabby today.

I don't really know why, but I was.  It probably had a lot to do with people annoying me and not doing things I wished they would, but that's not the point.  The point is that I was crabby.

And when I get crabby, I like to shop.

And seeing that I have finally completely paid off my France trip and textbooks, I figured I had no reason not to shop today.

And since I made money at work today and have no bills to pay and currently do not see the value of a savings account (no need to yell at me, I know it's stupid) it only seemed logical to go to Forever 21.

Forever 21 just opened in the Fargo Mall and it's been huge hit.  My roommate, Cait, who works there, said on the first day they had over a quarter million in sales.  Seriously, this is the best thing that has happened to shopping in the state of ND in years!  Sure, I am usually not that big of a fan of Forever 21.  We, in the civilized state of MN, have had it for years and the Mall of America store is usually just a cluttered mess.

However, post-visit, I can confidently say the Fargo Forever 21 is pretty impressive.

And I stopped being crabby because I found a sweet shirt.

Which, put me in the shopping mood.

So, I came home and checked on a vest I have been wanting.  IT WAS ON SALE!  I bought 4.

Before you get too wild, know 1 was for me and were 3  were for friends.  Our $34.50 + shipping vests came out to $23 a piece. SUPER SAVINGS.

So I figured I am on a shopping roll, so why not check on some jackets my team and I wanted to order and no joke, I got jackets that normally cost $46.00 + shipping for $37.  GREAT DEAL. 

So point of the post...I am no longer crabby, I have lots of clothes coming in the mail, I have happy friends and I am still a strong believer in retail therapy and the positive effects of a darn good deal.  :)

Cows + Airplanes = Kazakhstan

Sure, I understand some of you may be wondering what's the connection.

In fact, some of you may be wondering what's Kazakhstan...? 

And I wouldn't laugh at you if you didn't know it is the ninth largest country in the world and borders Russia....because I had to look it up on the map myself.  :)  So you are forgiven....

Back to the cows though, their unusual presence at the Hector International Airport has been making headlines.  But heck...I agree, it's not everyday a bred Hereford heifer gets to board a plane and go to Kazakhstan.

 Photo by Red River Farm Network

It's all because Global Beef Consultants, LLC and Missouri River Feedlots of Hensler, ND have expanded their market well beyond the traditional agriculture states and have sent the first of many bred females to Akmola Oblast, Kazakhstan.  In fact, this ambitious project will send over 2,000 head of North Dakota's genetics to Kazahkstan to jumpstart their beef industry within the next year.  Yes, that's a lot of airplanes...

Let's just say, it redefines progressive.  

Many of my friends and ND cattleman have helped load and secure the bred heifers for departure.  They ride across the pond in a 747 and are held in wooden crates with 3-6 females per pen.  160 heifers rode on the inaugural flight on October 12th and they have at least one flight scheduled per week for the next month. 

Photo by Red River Farm Network

Photo by Red River  Farm Network

Now, as a North Dakota State University communications student...I admit I haven't studied a lot about the economics of this state.  However, my experience with breeders and state communication specialists have taught me how important the climates and countries on the same latitude as us are on our economy.  A lot of farmers, engineers and marketers share ideas, genetics and equipment in order to successfully conquer the challenging and harsh conditions.  So, why not share cattle?  Not only will it be a huge and immediate jump start to Kazakhstan's cattle industry, but imagine the impact on ours.

I am proud of North Dakota agriculture for embracing a market opportunity and making it a profitable venture for their state.  I read an article that claimed the best part of this multi-million dollar deal was that it reminded North Dakotans that their economy isn't just about oil...it's about agriculture as well. North Dakota have always been a state based on livestock and that will always remain.

Now that's something to talk about.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

The Final To Do List

ATTENTION: In approximately one month, I will begin my career, my future and everything I have been waiting for.  It will kind of be a big day in my life.

Basically, I say a prayer everyday that it will be everything I dream about.   However, I am certain in will be.  Why?  Because we make our own destiny and I truly have nothing standing in my way.

Well...except a few goals I need to accomplish between now and then.  They include:

  • Build a website because my diploma is depending on it.
  • Complete a major research project on social media.
  • Dominate the Royal & Louisville. Talk three 49's in one day.
  • Have way to much fun. Become a Chubs regular.
  • Get wild and maybe end up at the Northern.
  • Officially end a job in order to start a new one.
  • Clean, pack and move...away from my Fargo.
  • Make sure the tradition of the Christmas Dinner lives on.
  • Have one last Bison day.
  • Make this an agvocate blog.
  • Become ALUMNI ready and buy new NDSU clothes.
  • Figure out how I am going to live with my parents.
  • Convince my boyfriend to marry me so I don't have to live with my parents.
  • Tell everyone how important they are to me...twice.
  • Don't mess up the GPA you worked hard (????) for.
  • Give about 2 million sets of reasons.
  • Buy a really good heifer.
    It's all totally doable.  I just need to get focused and do it.  It all starts now.

    So I cleaned my room, bought myself some coffee and delicious creamer and put on my productive clothes...and then I paid off my credit card!  One step closer to becoming an adult :)  A trip to France is expensive people!  And now...I need to go work on that GPA thing.  Next week is going to be crazy...Kansas City here we come!  I will be back soon--I have a feeling a lot of procrastinating will take place in the next two days!

    Monday, October 4, 2010

    Crazy Beautiful Life

    My life has been a race lately.

    No actually, my life has been a marathon.

    You see a race has an end in sight...these past ten days have been nothing but a major test of my endurance.  A 26.3 mile run across the country which included two flights, four long drives, two twelve and eights, hundreds of new faces and a once brand new judging notebook filled with classes.

    And...it only took me twelve days to complete.  Do you think this means I can cross "run a marathon" off my bucket list?  Probably not.  :)

    However, this blog is not about how busy I have been (I complain about that much to much!) but instead about how truly blessed I am. 

    The last few days have been great reminders of what truly is important in life and how valuable each new moment is--and that every once in a while, I need to stop and take a water break and remember how great my life is.

    I may be busy...but here is the thing, I am busy looking at really good livestock, traveling with some amazing friends, getting to learn every last thing possible before I graduate, traveling to Puerto Rico, listening to truly motivating stories and giving my life a reason.  And my hectic life is filled with people I absolutely love.  If it wasn't great enough to spend a weekend in paradise with so many people passionate about the beef industry, but then I get to come home to my happy family and a beautiful roommate.  What more could a girl ask for??

    Yes, sleep would be nice.  But I did get some of that last night cuddled up to my favorite boy...so I should be set in that category for a week or so now too :)

    So how is that for a little perspective?  I may have not slept in the same bed for more than 2 nights in a row for the last 12 days but  I am blessed to be healthy, have a great family to come home to, a very good looking boyfriend that picks me up every time I fly home and a month just as full to look forward to!  Oh and another positive...I haven't got bed bugs, yet! They say with my lifestyle, this could be a problem...yuck.

    Here is the thing, tonight before I go to bed I am going to say my prayers for Kyle and everyone else out there who really needs a break and then I am going to thank god for each and every one of you that have made my crazy life...a crazy beautiful life

    So why don't you stop and think about life in a new perspective.  You could be 17 again facing all those new life challenges or sitting by a hospital bed praying for someone you love or feeling totally alone...but I bet your not.  I bet you are surrounded by a overwhelming support group that gets you through your day...so take a little time to appreciate them and enjoy each new moment you are given.

    "Happiness comes of the capacity to feel deeply, to enjoy simply, to think freely, to risk life, to be needed.”  --Storm Jameson