Wednesday, October 20, 2010

The Final To Do List

ATTENTION: In approximately one month, I will begin my career, my future and everything I have been waiting for.  It will kind of be a big day in my life.

Basically, I say a prayer everyday that it will be everything I dream about.   However, I am certain in will be.  Why?  Because we make our own destiny and I truly have nothing standing in my way.

Well...except a few goals I need to accomplish between now and then.  They include:

  • Build a website because my diploma is depending on it.
  • Complete a major research project on social media.
  • Dominate the Royal & Louisville. Talk three 49's in one day.
  • Have way to much fun. Become a Chubs regular.
  • Get wild and maybe end up at the Northern.
  • Officially end a job in order to start a new one.
  • Clean, pack and move...away from my Fargo.
  • Make sure the tradition of the Christmas Dinner lives on.
  • Have one last Bison day.
  • Make this an agvocate blog.
  • Become ALUMNI ready and buy new NDSU clothes.
  • Figure out how I am going to live with my parents.
  • Convince my boyfriend to marry me so I don't have to live with my parents.
  • Tell everyone how important they are to me...twice.
  • Don't mess up the GPA you worked hard (????) for.
  • Give about 2 million sets of reasons.
  • Buy a really good heifer.
    It's all totally doable.  I just need to get focused and do it.  It all starts now.

    So I cleaned my room, bought myself some coffee and delicious creamer and put on my productive clothes...and then I paid off my credit card!  One step closer to becoming an adult :)  A trip to France is expensive people!  And now...I need to go work on that GPA thing.  Next week is going to be crazy...Kansas City here we come!  I will be back soon--I have a feeling a lot of procrastinating will take place in the next two days!

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    1. Jamie,
      I love your list!! I definately should have done one of those!! On the other hand your list makes me kind of teary eyed...why, I'm not sure. You will enjoy being a Chub's regular. I'm sure you will find an amazing heifer, and I hope you get to start planning a wedding very soon!! Good luck w/ your goals and see you this weekend!!