Wednesday, March 31, 2010

And so it begins...

I have been thinking about blogging for quite some time now.  I just have a lot of thoughts I need to share.  I don't know how many times in the last year I have heard or seen something that I don't agree with and vow to write the editor...and well friends, I will admit I never had and I think it is time I share what is going on in this head of mine.  Plus, I feel like I am on the road half of my life and why not share a little bit of my adventures?  I swear everytime I get in the car I want to start tweeting about everything I see (but I refuse to join Twitter) so this might be my next bet. And finally I don't write enough anymore...I need to beef up these skills :)

So...welcome to the journey I am going to call life.  I promise you it will be interesting and you may not always agree but I hope I teach you a little bit about the lifestyle I chose to live and what I do to keep getting by...despite my crazy schedule!  I think the title is the hardest part of any book and it should always be written last...but for now I think Cows, Corn and Country Girls is pretty fitting for this life story.  I got some pretty killer girls that I get to call my own and together we have some WILD times whether we are enjoying our local watering hole or dragging a heifer through the ring.  We all share the same passions and are doing everything we can to keep our past, present and future industry alive and thriving.  Plus...lately my life has been a little centered on cattle.  I can now say I have been at a livestock show/function for every weekend for the last three months.  Now don't get me wrong...I love good cattle and I especially enjoy judging good livestock but if you stick around I promise you will learn that we country girls have a lot of different sides to I have no cattle show in store for Easter weekend so who knows what I will have to write about!

Well...I am off to do my new LEAST FAVORITE but somehow common pastime...PACKING.  I am off to Louisville, KY this weekend and have a lot to do by tomorrow at noon.  When I return to Fargo this coming Monday, I will have spent 62 hours in a car/van/truck in the past 14 days.  I am a traveling woman...but I swear I NEVER LEAVE THE MIDWEST!!  AHH!  I will have gone from Fargo to Home to Fargo to Nebraska to Manhattan to Stillwater to Fargo to Home to Louisville to Home to Fargo.  I don't know about you but I think for me that might be to many times to come back to Fargo.  :)

Have a great Easter!  Remember to appreciate all of those blessings in your life this Easter weekend!