Sunday, July 24, 2011

A Wedding Website

Hey Friends,

We want you to check out our wedding website! 

Do you have when and where questions? Or are you looking for a hotel? Or wondering how to get there? Or maybe your curious on the love story behind this big day? Heck, I won't even judge you if you just want to creep and figure a little bit more out about this wedding thing I keep talking about.

You can get it all at

Hope you like it! Pretty soon, it will be less than 100 days away, which means we better get moving and you better book your hotel if you are coming! :)

Peace & Love,

Mark & Jamie

Friday, July 22, 2011

This Music Illiterate Girl Needs Help

It's time for another weekly wedding update that hasn't been weekly at all.

I have two monsters on my to-do list right now -- wedding music and invitations.

They are stressing me out, haunting my dreams and killing everyone of my lunch hours. Every wedding planner says that they both should be done by now, but go figure, this procrastinator left them for last.

Now admittedly, the wedding music should have been expected. Remember me...the music illiterate girl who always sings the wrong words, never knows who is the singer and doesn't even attempt to name the tune?!? Yeah...I stink at picking out wedding songs too. Now luckily I have a great singer who is trying so hard to help me out and a best friend who is a little bit more on top of the music world then me, but still...I need your help.

I am on the prowl for some tasteful wedding ceremony music that is maybe a little country or a little classic, but still will pass Catholic Church standards.  And I am looking for a bit nontraditional fathers/daughter dance and some fun supper music to play on the grand piano. And of course, somehow it all has to feel just right for that Mark & I, so that means...a bit quirky, pretty classic and simple.

Can you believe it was ever this cold out!?

So got any ideas? :)

What was your wedding ceremony music? What song do you just love to hear? What's something you always thought would be fun? What did you first dance too? Let me know, leave me comments, shoot me a message, tell me in person...just help this girl out please! Can't wait to here your thoughts!

By the way, looking for more wedding information on things like hotels, registry, directions, time and locations? Check out our website that we just put up this week! You can find it at

And next week, we will cover invitations! :)

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Too Busy To Blog

Well, I am back (for a minute at least).

Remember about a month ago when I told you I was going to revamp this blog? Well, I haven’t.

Part of me feels like a failure, but part of me is thankful that I have life that is interesting enough to keep me too busy to even come near

And busy I have been.

I pretty much built a shed with my bare hands…ok and with my Dad, brother, fiancĂ©, mother and every single one of my brother’s friends. But anyway, we built a shed, beatified the May ranch and somehow pulled off a graduation party for Jason May a few weeks back.

Then I went to Duluth, courtesy of AgStar and Mark Purfeerst, where I ate some fantastic food, enjoyed some time by the water and simply relaxed. It was perfect.

Upon our return though, we both had some hectic days at work and then I got busy helping my gorgeous friend get married on one of the hottest days of the whole summer. Did I mention that is was an outdoor wedding?!?

Then, I took Sunday to recover and clean a nasty pigpen in 90-degree weather and 70% humidity. And Monday? It was back to hectic work week where we somehow managed to get a huge, but fantastic, August issue out the door.

And now it’s Rice County Fair time and if you know Mark & I at all, you know we are county fair, 4-H, cattle showing junkies. So regardless of the record temperatures, we have been there everyday.  It’s kind of part of the deal though; record temperatures might make it tough for us, but it also makes it even more unbearable for cattle that are used to a 45 degree cooler. So Mark’s little brother washes his steer 6 times a day and we all are doing our best to keep them comfortable.

So that’s my rather length excuse of why I have been missing in action lately. And I come with no promises of getting better anytime soon.  I love my busy hectic life right now and I can find no good reason to sit inside and type, when I could be enjoying summer with my friends and family.

But, I can promise I will be sharing some new wedding news soon and maybe I will find time to upload some pictures from all of this fun stuff I have been doing soon! But don’t count on me please…there is a fair chance I might let you down. :)

Until next time friends,