Friday, July 22, 2011

This Music Illiterate Girl Needs Help

It's time for another weekly wedding update that hasn't been weekly at all.

I have two monsters on my to-do list right now -- wedding music and invitations.

They are stressing me out, haunting my dreams and killing everyone of my lunch hours. Every wedding planner says that they both should be done by now, but go figure, this procrastinator left them for last.

Now admittedly, the wedding music should have been expected. Remember me...the music illiterate girl who always sings the wrong words, never knows who is the singer and doesn't even attempt to name the tune?!? Yeah...I stink at picking out wedding songs too. Now luckily I have a great singer who is trying so hard to help me out and a best friend who is a little bit more on top of the music world then me, but still...I need your help.

I am on the prowl for some tasteful wedding ceremony music that is maybe a little country or a little classic, but still will pass Catholic Church standards.  And I am looking for a bit nontraditional fathers/daughter dance and some fun supper music to play on the grand piano. And of course, somehow it all has to feel just right for that Mark & I, so that means...a bit quirky, pretty classic and simple.

Can you believe it was ever this cold out!?

So got any ideas? :)

What was your wedding ceremony music? What song do you just love to hear? What's something you always thought would be fun? What did you first dance too? Let me know, leave me comments, shoot me a message, tell me in person...just help this girl out please! Can't wait to here your thoughts!

By the way, looking for more wedding information on things like hotels, registry, directions, time and locations? Check out our website that we just put up this week! You can find it at

And next week, we will cover invitations! :)


  1. So when you get suggestions let me know! I love the idea of this Grand piano, and how did I forget (maybe never knew) you were Catholic. Don't worry I know it will be awesome.

  2. Two of my sisters in law sang 'No Place That Far' at the wedding and our first dance was to Crazy Like You by Josh Grider. It was never released on the radio so it's pretty special to us. I love the golden oldies era (Sinatra, Dean, Crosby) so our DJ played oldies love songs during dinner - I loved it! We played a ton of red-dirt country at the reception because that's what we love. A side suggestion (because I wish we had done this) is to videotape the wedding and reception. Even if it's just a friend doing it and not professional - I actually don't remember what song I danced to with my dad and I picked it (although I have a pretty good idea)! You'll want to remember those little things like the best man's and maid of honor's speeches and everything goes by SO FAST that your head will be spinning. Just my suggestions = good luck!

  3. Hey Jamie! Saw your post on facebook, and thought... Hey! I just got married a couple months ago, maybe I can help!!!
    Music... I was such a procrastinator too!!! Plus, I just couldn't find... the perfect father/daughter song... or our first dance song!!
    So, here is my list for you... check them out on youtube (with lyrics) and you'll know when you here the song if you want it in your ceremony or reception! Good luck with everything!

    ~Storybook Love (Theme song from Princess Bride) I found it on youtube done on a classical guitar and burned that version for the church.
    ~ More than anyone by Gavin DeGraw (We had a friend sing this during our candle lighting!) Perfect song for a wedding when you listen to the words!
    ~You're my best friend by Queen for our ending song!! It was fun!
    ~Seabreeze by Tyrone Wells for our 1st dance. It is such a beautiful song!!!!!
    ~My Wish by Rascall Flatts for Father/daughter song (I let my dad pick, and seriously we had such a hard time finding a song that wasn't to mushy mushy and sad!! So this worked pretty good! We both like the song!)