Thursday, July 21, 2011

Too Busy To Blog

Well, I am back (for a minute at least).

Remember about a month ago when I told you I was going to revamp this blog? Well, I haven’t.

Part of me feels like a failure, but part of me is thankful that I have life that is interesting enough to keep me too busy to even come near

And busy I have been.

I pretty much built a shed with my bare hands…ok and with my Dad, brother, fiancĂ©, mother and every single one of my brother’s friends. But anyway, we built a shed, beatified the May ranch and somehow pulled off a graduation party for Jason May a few weeks back.

Then I went to Duluth, courtesy of AgStar and Mark Purfeerst, where I ate some fantastic food, enjoyed some time by the water and simply relaxed. It was perfect.

Upon our return though, we both had some hectic days at work and then I got busy helping my gorgeous friend get married on one of the hottest days of the whole summer. Did I mention that is was an outdoor wedding?!?

Then, I took Sunday to recover and clean a nasty pigpen in 90-degree weather and 70% humidity. And Monday? It was back to hectic work week where we somehow managed to get a huge, but fantastic, August issue out the door.

And now it’s Rice County Fair time and if you know Mark & I at all, you know we are county fair, 4-H, cattle showing junkies. So regardless of the record temperatures, we have been there everyday.  It’s kind of part of the deal though; record temperatures might make it tough for us, but it also makes it even more unbearable for cattle that are used to a 45 degree cooler. So Mark’s little brother washes his steer 6 times a day and we all are doing our best to keep them comfortable.

So that’s my rather length excuse of why I have been missing in action lately. And I come with no promises of getting better anytime soon.  I love my busy hectic life right now and I can find no good reason to sit inside and type, when I could be enjoying summer with my friends and family.

But, I can promise I will be sharing some new wedding news soon and maybe I will find time to upload some pictures from all of this fun stuff I have been doing soon! But don’t count on me please…there is a fair chance I might let you down. :)

Until next time friends,


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  1. Fun is always good!!
    Can't wait to hear more!!