Monday, October 25, 2010

I Heart Herefords.

If you didn't know...I like cattle.

I like to show cattle.  I like to raise cattle.  I like to judge cattle.  I like to fit cattle.  I like to write about cattle.   I basically like anything to do with an animal that has four legs, moos and preferably has really good hair :)

So accordingly, I had a pretty fantastic weekend.  I not only was surrounded by really good cattle each day, but I got to spend that time with my family, teammate and boyfriend..and this cute little girl.  I couldn't ask for much more.

And like a cherry on top of an already great cake...I got to spend the majority of my time with Hereford cattle.  To me, that makes it perfect.

Now, admittedly I have spent a lot of my time with the American Angus Association, the Purfeerst family and CAB and sure, I do enjoy a really good black heifer; but there is something about Herefords that pull at my heart.  Especially good Herefords and trust me, I saw a lot of them Saturday & Sunday.

My team got to spend Saturday at Topp Herefords out of Grace City, ND judging some excellent Hereford bull calves.  These genetics will later go on to sell at one of the most profitable and productive Hereford bull sales in the nation.  I was in heaven (except I wanted to bring them home and make them steers).

On Sunday, I snuck home to see Jas and Matt show at the MN Beef Expo, which happened to be featuring the Hereford breed.  Kuddos to the MN Hereford Association for their awesome work and participation.  It was impressive to see the quantity and quality of Hereford cattle...and they did an excellent job of promoting their breed.  They even had a huge, blown-up Hereford bull behind the show ring to compliment the Certified Hereford Beef promotions everywhere.

Hopefully, I see lots of good Herefords in Kansas and down the road.  And who little brothers girlfriend may be the Hereford Queen soon too!?   Good Luck Mattie :)  I wanted to buy a heifer this year...and trust me after this weekend, it is definitely going to be red and white.  However, Marko says the only way he will raise Herefords is if they are REALLY good...I see no problem with that though, we might just have to be a little picky.  I can't wait to add a little color to his herd down the road... :)

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