Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Wednesday Wisdom | Stay Positive While Climbing That Mountain

Source: via Jamie on Pinterest

I absolutely love this quote. In fact, I actually might make a sign just like this when I finally get my Cameo out of the box. I have been in too many fabulous situations with a crabby person that tries to bring everyone down. So it's a challenge? So what? So we are we walking down a freeway off-ramp in France looking for a hotel that we have absolutely NO idea where it is - so what? We're in France. Doesn't that make it fabulous regardless? (I have been there, done that, if you couldn't tell.)

I dare you to live by this. Life can get hard. I know that, however, we can always find a positive in any situation...even if the only positive you can find is that you can't hear my stellar singing voice while I climb ahead of you.

Happy Wednesday!



  1. What a great reminder:) Sometimes the only thing to do when you are stuck in those tough situations is to laugh!

  2. I actually might create a indication just like this when I lastly get my Cameo out of the box. I have been in too many fantastic circumstances with a crabby
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