Friday, January 11, 2013

H54F | January 11

Thank goodness for the weekend.

Quick disclaimer: Just in case you questioning H54F (just like my husband!), it stands for High Five For Friday! It's a post where I celebrate the end of the work week & the exciting things that happened in the last week. As always, I am linking up with Lauren at From My Grey Desk.

I don't know about you, but this week seemed to take forever. It was my first full week at work in almost a month and it was the first week I have worked all five days in the office in what seems like forever. Plus, I had a rotten Thursday. I was anxiously awaiting an email with important news that I thought I should have received on Wednesday, which resulted in my checking me email every 20 minutes. And in the end, there was a voicemail there the entire time that I never noticed.

Talk about unnecessary stress.

And then later that night, I biffed it down the stairs while trying to carry two cups filled with cold, old coffee. Imagine a 24-year old covered in day-old coffee with a bruised hip and a bruised ego. That was me.

So here we are at Friday, a few more hours until the weekend and I am 99% positive that I will make it. Nothing can be as bad as the sopping wet hair I had after that coffee fiasco. :)

Here's five things that made this week great:

1. Family
{the beautiful women of the May family}
My brother & Betsey were back in Minnesota for the weekend and we got to spend Saturday celebrating at a family friend's wedding and Sunday celebrating Christmas. It was nice to have most of us under one roof and we even got to have a sleepover at the 'rents like the good old days.

2. Christmas is officially over.
{We finally remembered to take a "Christmas" picture}
I love Christmas (love might be an understatement), BUT I was ready for Christmas celebrations to be over.  We opened the last presents on Sunday and we recycled the tree on Wednesday. It's done. Thank goodness. No more appetizers or cookies, please!

{we didn't get to watch the game because of the wedding, but that didn't mean we couldn't show our Bison pride!}
My beloved Bison (and the entire state of North Dakota) traveled to Frisco, TX, for the national championship game last weekend and won. #BisoNation lives on.

4. Crafts are back

{new fabrics from Mills End Textiles - I may or may not have a fabric obsession.}
After I got through Christmas, I vowed to put my inner craft nerd to rest for a few weeks. But a few big things happened this week that will force me back in business shortly -- new fabric, an email that my "For The Makers" box is on the way, a quilting class this weekend and best of all, I finally got my Cameo out of the box. I just don't have the determination to avoid my sewing machine after all that in one week. 

5. It's National Milk Day

Enough said. Can we all agree to drink a glass to celebrate?

Happy Friday!



  1. Love your brown aztec sweater!

    Didn't know is was National Milk Day! Love Milk and will most definitely celebrate!


  2. Love this idea!! I may have to incorporate this in my blog sometime (if that's okay with you?)

    P.S. so glad it's National Milk Day; that means I can justify eating ice cream LOL have a great weekend!

  3. National Milk Day huh? So random, yet so awesome. I do love me some milk! I think it's funny that everyone's H54F posts start out with something like "it was my first full week back at work in forever!" Glad to know we're all on the same page! Haha! Stopping by from the link-up, happy Friday!

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  5. Nationwide Dairy Day huh? So unique, yet so amazing. I do really like me some milk! I think it's crazy that everybody's H54F content begin out with something like "it was my first weeks time returning at perform in forever!" Grateful to know we're all on the same page! Haha! Avoiding by from the link-up, satisfied Friday!
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