Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Quick Catch Up - Eric Church

Hey Friends-

Just stopping by to say a super quick hello. Busy, busy, busy.

Such is life. Which is quickly becoming my go-to-saying that I personally believe everyone hates to hear. Such is life!? Is that glass half full or half empty thinking? I think it's half full, but I am open for opinions.

Anyway, since I am sure you were on the edge of your seats waiting to hear about EC, I needed to quick stop in and tell you he was amazing. Great music. Awesome friends. Cute husband. Gorgeous night. And, just the right amount of fun so I could productively roll into work the next AM.

You can call that a success.

Here's some iPhone pics:

{Lyssa & I}
{brantley gilbert}
{gorgeous girls!}
{playing Springsteen to end the show. So good.}
And just to prove that my husband was actually there, here is a highly-edited picture so you could at least see our faces and not a black blob. I was going to upload the photo of our 2 am McDs stop, but he didn't think it was his best look. Bless his soul for stopping for fries and a shake though... :)

If Dana ever gets around to uploading her pictures, maybe I will share some better ones, but until then...just plan on experiencing it yourself soon.

By the way, I have plenty in store for you this week. A report on my favorite ladies out in the pasture, a review of my May Birchbox and finally that giveaway I promised. And cross your fingers that I can wrap up the social media post before next week, too! Can't wait!




  1. Hello Brantley Gilbert! and you ladies look lovely! I can never seem to get that many friends together at one time, jealous!

  2. Thanks again for passing on the Leibster award! Post is up!