Thursday, May 17, 2012

Passing On The Liebster Award Love

Paying forward the blog love.

My new friend Kati @ Incorporating Color was sweet enough to nominate me for the Liebster Award, which after a little research, I discovered is a fun pass-along recognition for up&coming blogs. I was honored that little old Cows, Corn & County (which I keep almost abbreviating to CCC -- do you hate it!?) made her list.

Kati's a fellow Minnesotan who's been transplanted a few times and she always surprises me with the nicest comments! It's great to have a supporter that's not my Mom and as an added bonus, she's a fellow Vince Flynn fan. Here's to girls who love boy books! Check out her blog here. If you like consistency in your blog schedule, she's your go-to-girl. I'm trying to become half as good as her!

The rules of the Liebster is that you have to pass it along to five up and coming blogs you love once you receive it and I had no problem picking out some favorites, as I recently added some new blogs to my reader list.

In no particular order, I highly advise you to visit:

Katie @ At Home When I'm With You -- First, you will be impressed with her gorgeous blog design and then you will be blown away by her DIY skills. Plus, her Takin', Fakin' & Makin' posts are super fun.

Nicole @ Nicole.Starr -- Nicole and I have an a ton in common, which means following her blog is a ton of fun. You'll get lots of cattle pictures and a good fill of cowboy boots, plus all the other ins and outs of being a young professional in our field. And if you look today, she's even got a delicious beef recipe. Yum! I got to meet her IRL last week. We definitely didn't get to chat enough, but I'm sure we'll meet again!

Steph @ The Sweet Life -- Plain & simple, The Sweet Life makes me want to be southern belle. Plus, I love her It's Okay posts.

Whitney @ The Observant Turtle -- Whitney keeps it light and fun all the time, which is just my style. Plus, I am motivated by her attempts to take fashion risks and blog about it. It's my next goal in my blog life.

Kate @ The Anniversary Home -- Last, but not least is Kate at The Anniversary Home. I'm now her Instagram friend as well (follow me! @jamielmay) and she just got some new adorable puppies, which might be why she's been MIA lately, but I am expecting a blog about them soon!

And now, according to my research, I am supposed to list 5 random facts about myself. Which, since I am a pretty random person, this is almost too easy. :)

1. I don't think I will ever be satisfied in life. I am one of those people, that while I know I am extremely blessed in so many ways, will always want more. And, I actually think that's a good thing.
2. I once won a thousand dollars because a cow pooped on my square. I swear I can win the most random things, but I couldn't win a blog giveaway for the life of me.
3. I hate hanging up clothes more than anything I know.
4. I am moderately deaf in one ear & I blame my inability to swim on it. Confused? Maybe one day I will explain it.
5. I barely break the 5-foot mark and I hate wearing high-heels. What's my problem?

Thanks for passing on the Liebster love, Kati!



  1. So honored that you thought of me!! Thank you and I can't wait to put my post togeter :) BTW- a cow pooped and you won $1000?? OMG where do you live?!

  2. You totally just made my day! It was so thoughtful of you to consider me! I'm so glad we finally met! Look forward to catching up up more at the next event, no matter where or when that is! Can't wait to pass this on!

  3. Jamie!! You are the BEST! Thank you for the blogger love. You're right, I have been completely MIA (taking care of puppies!) but I think I'm starting to find my groove now. I posted today and I have on my list to thank you/pass on the blogger love too in the next week. Happy days girl!