Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Wednesday Wisdom | Too Smart

Isn't this the truth? This week, I am not going to be one the holding myself back. Hopefully, neither are you!

Have a great Wednesday, friends! The weekend is almost here....

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Just keep swimming, just keep swimming... :) 


  1. Awesome words of wisdom. Definitely pinning it.

  2. "Just keep swimming, just keep swimming".......With those words I was transported back to the CF outdoor pool about 15 years ago. Each morning I would take my boys and pick you & Jason up and we would go to swim lessons. You would take your book with and every chance you got you would be sitting on your towel with your nose in the book. I have more memories of you reading than swimming. I think your particular tagline should be "Just keep reading, just keep reading" Thanks for the walk down memory lane xoxo

  3. Hi Jamie! First, I love the quote and can so relate to it. I get in my own way multiple times daily! I stumbled upon your blog through the #blogchat twitter feed and I was immediately sucked in as my husband works in Agriculture. I grew up a suburban girl with no knowledge of the ag world at all, so seeing your posts was super interesting to me! You have a great looking blog and you're a great writer! :)