Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Wednesday Wisdom | Smile When It's Raining

Happy Hump Day Friends!

As I cruised my Pinterest boards for a little Wednesday Wisdom for us all, I somehow got hooked on this one. (I think it's because I am tired and praying for rain so I can skip volleyball and relax with my hubby. That sounds fantastic to me....).

Regardless, today's words of wisdom has always been my mantra. No need to complain about a little rain -- especially when your counting on Mother Nature to take care of your corn & soybeans. Figuratively speaking though, I live by it as well. Every misadventure is an adventure. Right?

It reminds me of the time in France when we blindly walked eight miles along a freeway (even going single-file on this tiny on ramp with cars speeding by) to our hotel in a random little town because the buses had just shut down when we got there. We had just spent the day at the most beautiful beach in the world and everyone was sunburnt, hungry and tired. I even think it was starting to rain and we had no idea if we were even going the right way because French maps are impossible to understand. And I, of course, was the annoying girl who thought it was a fantastic adventure. 

So if you like to smile when it's raining, we are officially friends. I thoroughly believe we all need a little more optimism in our lives.

And plus, if it rains tonight, I will have time to blog about the million other things I want to blog about...and hang out with my you can bet that I will be smiling. :)



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