Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Lazy Wednesday!?

Yes, please.

Hi! My name is Jamie and I currently have the messiest house ever, desperately need to go grocery shopping and have a stack of laundry a mile high. AKA, I have a million things to do. And that doesn't even include the actual work I could be doing.

But, my hubby is working so there is currently no one holding me accountable. So instead, I am browsing through photo galleries, watching Storage Wars (the highest-quality television program ever) and dreaming about new purses while listening to Eric Church on Pandora. I will even admit that I am seriously contemplating running to the store to buy Oreos. Oh, and did I mention that I am drinking one of my hubby's Bud Light Lime?

You can't forget that when your making a mental picture of my momentarily worthless self. :)

A girl needs a few moments like this once and a while, right? It's good for my sanity.

I've been MIA from the bloggersphere for approximately one week now. Sorry, but remember I made a vow that life would always come first? I am just holding up my end of the bargain.

But don't you worry your little soul, I will be back tomorrow with a more more worthwhile post.

Until then, let me share a little bit of the greatness that I get to listen to live tomorrow night. 

It's perfectly okay to be jealous.



  1. our house is great fans of Eric Church! and down time is always needed.. take care!