Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Goodbye Friend

On Monday, I said goodbye to a good friend.

My husband is ridiculously happy. He says the departure of this so called "friend" will save us hundreds of dollars.

I, however, am realistic and I know that I lost the best thing that happened to our bank account.

Curious yet what this crazy girl is rambling about?

Well, I don't know how I managed to go a year without blogging about this, but let's backtrack a year or so to explain.

Remember last April when the whole world was obsessed with the upcoming royal nuptials of William & Kate? We all were gossiping about what her dress would look like, I was secretly wondering if Henry would call me up and ask me to be his date and, of course, every woman in the world got up at 4 in the morning to watch the live broadcast of the once-in-a-lifetime event.

Well, at the same time my favorite store was offering what I would call a once-in-a-lifetime prize -- 50% off of all Gap clothes for a whole year, appropriately named the "Royal Giveaway."

Of course, I entered. And then I made my mom, my dad, my little brother and my fiance enter to improve my odds. Think of all the things I could buy!?

Well the Saturday after Will & Kate tied the knot, my mom checked her email to find out that she had won the Mall of America Royal Giveaway. Cue the singing angels!

Long story short, my mom goes shopping once a year, so she of course passed the prize along to her daughter. And, I took well advantage of it.

Fast forward a year and on any given day, you can now find me at least wearing something Gap. I wear their underwear, bras, pants, tanks, t-shirts, skirts, jackets, sweaters -- basically anything that I can convince myself I need to have. Often, my whole outfit will be Gap. And don't forget my family, they proudly sport their half-off Gap clothing, too!

Here's some ridiculous good deals I recently picked up:

{no joke, I get this for $28. You can find it here.
sorry, it's not that great of deal online.}
{this is the softest sweater ever. And for ten bucks? How could I not?}

 {at half-off, this fun skirt came to $25. I think it will go great with the blazer and a striped shirt. find it here}
I almost feel mean posting the links when the prices aren't even close to what I paid, but they really are cute basics you might like? That's what I love about GAP. They might not be the most fashion-forward store out there, but they have high-quality basics that you can easily base a closet on. And trust me, my closet is stock full.

But as you can probably guess from how I started this post, my reign as a fake Gap employee (they get 50% off, too. And you won't believe how many times I got asked what store I worked at!) is over. On Monday, I made my ceremonious last trip to my neighborhood Gap store with my 50% pass off in my purse.

Good news though! Thankfully, it's my birthday month, so Gap is letting me transition slowly into the full-price world. :)

To please my husband and because my mom taught me to never buy yourself stuff during Christmas or your birthday month, I am making a silent vow to avoid the MOA for the next month unless necessary. It just won't be as fun going every week when I have to pay full-price for clothes.

So, I say it again. Goodbye Gap card, thanks for filling my closet and making me smile in delight because I just saved more money then a spent. You were a good friend, no matter how much my husband despised you.

Until next time,


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  1. That may be the best prize to win ever!! One of the best places to get basics for sure. So jealous- I would shed a little tear the day that deal ended...