Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Simple & Fabulous | Weekend Review

We had a simple & fabulous weekend.

And I am keeping my weekend recap the same.

{Since my husband didn't know you could make homemade pizza, I whipped him us a fabulous bbq chicken pizza. yum.}
{my husband was gone on Sunday, which meant a craft day & a messy spare bedroom for me!}
{we celebrated our 6-month anniversary with rainy garage sales & wine. perfecto.}
{no more wimpy grill for mark anymore! It only took him 3 hours to put together....}
{we went completely domestic and planted flowers. now, hopefully they grow!}
{Mark decided to stretch his boundaries and try wasabi peas. I am not ashamed to admit that I am too scared to try them.}
{Do you see the corn? it's still growing!}

See, simple and fabulous. Real words can't even do it justice. 

Cross your fingers that the next five days fly by!


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