Monday, April 30, 2012

Crossing The 5K Off The Bucket List

I am officially a 5Ker.

Gosh it feels good to type that!

{this definitely deserves a spot on the fridge!}
I was pretty nervous going into the run on Sunday and felt really unprepared. However, I was determined to check this off of my list (and it helped that my best friend had came 8 hours to run this with me, I knew I recruited her for a reason!), so bright and early Sunday morning we packed up our stuff and headed south to join hundreds of other beautiful ladies in a run around Rochester. 

Now, I didn't set any records, but I also didn't get last. I ended up 174/358, so you could even say I was in the top half! :) I did just over 11 minute miles, which I had been averaging, even though my phone said I ran 10:28 miles. Something wasn't matching up between their timing and my GPS, but I am not official enough to care.

{My partner in crime & I after running. don't mind the squinting, it was a beautiful day!}

{the trio. Angie rocked the 10K while Lindsay and I did the 5K}

{my fabulous hubby who came and cheered us on}
I am determined that this will not be my last 5K, so I am already on the search for another one this summer and I am debating about a 10K in September that Kati suggested. I think I could do it!? Either way, I am a lot better off than I was 2 months ago, when the farthest I could run was to the mailbox. :)


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