Sunday, April 8, 2012

April 101 in 1001 Update

Crossing things off the list. 

Nearly a year has passed since I started the 101/1001 list and while I have quite a few things left, I am checking things off here & there. Here are some of my highlights:

First and foremost, we can check off #31. I am the proud owner of the Adobe Creative Suites on my brand new Macbook Pro. For a creative soul, it's the best purchase possible. I finally get to do photo editing and website work personally. I definitely missed the creative possibilities in my life.

I also just wrapped up an obsession with the Hunger Games, so I can add another book to my read list. Technically, I should cross #69 off completely, but I'm only going to count the trilogy as one. I don't know about you, but my productivity diminished to ZERO during that book series. Every morning, lunch hour and evening was dedicated to Katniss Everdeen. I am slightly glad to be done with them and hand off the books to the next reader. Any other Hunger Games fans out there?

Financially, my banker husband has also helped me get on the right track and I can check off #62 & #65. My student loans are dwindling and my credit card starts at $0 every month. It's refreshing to know that my personal debt is quickly disappearing. However, I get reminded daily that a farmer is always in debt, so I should just get used to the feeling.

And my favorite goal checked off the list is #74. Have you looked at the blog follower count on the right side of this page. 49!? A year ago my goal was 20 and I think I have smashed it. Thanks mucho, friends! Not a follower yet? Just click "Join this site" and you will be all set!

Finally, two big ones are in the works. (21) Run a 5k & (86) Donate hair to Locks of Love. 

I am hoping to accomplish the Locks of Love goal soon. I could write a whole blog on 101 reasons I hate long hair, including losing long hair all over the house. (Seriously, it's gross.)


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  1. I love crossing things off my list!! Great job on the credit card! It felt so good when I paid mine off a couple months after we got married & I haven't used it since. And yes, farmers are always in debt...booo!!