Thursday, April 26, 2012

Someday House On Our Someday Farm

Just keep dreaming, just keep dreaming. 

My life is all about making plans. As we talked about before, sometimes it's even become a fault. I am always one step ahead, thinking about how I can make things bigger and better.  I guess you could label me a dreamer.

And lately, I have been putting myself to sleep thinking about what color I will paint the walls of my house and dreaming about the cabinets in a future kitchen.

You don't have to tell me that I am a few too many steps ahead of myself. I know.

Here's our current situation: Mark & I are renting a nice little town home in quaint, small-town Minnesota. We have some beautiful wood floors in our living room, a washer and dryer right outside our bedroom door and a huge walk-in closet. Target is in our backyard (which is really not a good thing for our bank account), there is a nice little running path that goes through the park outside our front door and there is a coffee shop down the road that makes a great Sunday morning treat. We are 15 minutes away from my parents and 15 minutes away from Mark's. Mark can get up at 7:45 and make it to work at 8 and he gets to come home for lunch (where I think he usually takes a nap!) and I am only 45-50 minutes away from work.

Sounds great right?

But the truth is, as much as we like it, we are ready for step 2 in life. I want to be able to PAINT my walls. I want to have grass to mow. I want to have a deck to put a real grill on. I want to have cows across the road. I want to be able to plant asparagus and tomatoes and squash and pick fresh flowers, not buy them from the grocery store. Gosh, I sound needy don't I!?

Most important though, I want my husband to be able to head outside and work with cattle and know that he can walk back over for supper whenever he wants. It's a pain to send him to the farm and expect him back in 5 hours and it's even more of a pain to watch him fidget in our house on the nights he doesn't go to the farm. He's not good at living in a town home.

However, the end hopefully is near.

Crossing our fingers, in a few months we will be living in good old rural America. Mark's parents are finally treating themselves to the new house they deserve and we get to move in to the house that Mark grew up in. We are really excited for the change and hoping it comes soon. These farm kids are ready to have cattle chores, watch our corn grow and have a yard to take care of.

I know there are a lot of perks of town living that will be hard for me to give up and I am dreading the hour and 15 minute drive to work, but really, I can't wait to be able to clean, craft and work on cattle in one night. Right now, it's currently an either or situation. 

However, after Step 2 I have a Step 3 in mind and it includes a new house for us someday soon. 

 I would be perfectly content if my someday house looked like this one.

You see, Mark's parents house is old. Like a 100+ years old. It has one bathroom...and bats & mice. Don't get me wrong, it's a great place with lots of family history, but one day I want to build my dream home. In fact, when I agreed to live on the farm, it was the one clause that I gave my husband. A new house in 3-5 years.

So, like any 23-year old, I have a Pinterest board completely dedicated to that "Someday House." 

{you can find all of the links on my Pinterest board.}
Ideally, I would piece together all of these beautiful rooms.

And I sure wouldn't mind if our master bedroom could look like this overlooking a pasture of Angus and Hereford cows.

Do you have a "Someday House" Pinterest board? Share the link with me! I would love your ideas! 

And by the way, can you tell how much I love that light turquoise wall color? You can bet that I am not waiting for a new house to paint my walls that color. Even if I am only living in the farm house for 3-5 years, it's getting a fresh paint of coat on day one!

Until then though, I will continue to hang fun colors on my beige walls and enjoy my view of Target. :)

Happy Dreaming!



  1. Jamie, this is so exciting. We are also in Step 1 and hopefully by the end of next summer we'll be in Step 2. I think you are already following my Dream Home board!

  2. I think I've re-pinned a lot from you ;-) but here is my board.

    We are living in the house Steve grew up in too; feed lot in our back yard and all!

    - Laura Beth

  3. What an exciting step in life!! I look forward to watching your plans develop, you're so fortunate to be moving onto a family cattle operation. And how sweet of your husband to agree to build a new house w/your own designs & memories to be made.