Friday, April 27, 2012

High Five For Friday

Finally, Friday, you are here!

I don't know about you but 70 degree weather and sunshine makes weeks in the office seem terrible. I don't know how I am going to handle the summer. Luckily though, I have a new office starting tomorrow with lots of light and sun. Maybe I can get a tan through the window!?

I decided I am going to try to make "High Five For Friday" with Lauren at From My Grey Desk a regular addition to Cows, Corn & Country. Hopefully, as you're reading you find some reasons to celebrate too!

High Five #1 goes out to the new Essie nail polish I splurged on this week. I picked up the nail polish addition from my BFF last fall, but this was my first Essie purchase. I am loving the spring Tart Deco color and day 2 without any chips. I am thinking it's going to much more durable than my $2.00 bottles.

High Five #2 goes to the finally getting out to Target Field for a Twins game. We got lucky and got some last minute tickets to Tuesday night's game. We went with Mark's co-worker and wife and their adorable 3-month-old son. Seriously, you should see the hair on this kid's head! He's a cutie. When they slipped out because of rain we met up with Misty & her boyfriend Matt, who just happened to be at the game too! The Twins ended up losing terribly to the Red Sox, but nothing beats outdoor baseball.

{we had killer seats right behind home plate.}
High Five #3 is for a spotless house. Mark spent Wednesday night in the tractor and I wasn't feeling so hot, so I stayed home and went super domestic on our house. The bathrooms are cleaned, the floors are swept, laundry done and everything dusted. Best feeling in the world. Unfortunately, the house being clean didn't make me feel any better and I spent most of Thursday sick. 

High Five #4 goes out to it being 5K week. I am ashamed to admit that I am terribly unprepared and my run Wednesday night went awful. However, I am blaming the bad run on my cold and I am excited to just get it over with. Even if I walk half of it, it's still an accomplishment in my mind...and door prizes and massages at the end! And I also decided that I am signing up for at least one more this summer yet. Any ideas on where or when?

And my last High Five For Friday is for hitting the big 5-0 in followers! Thanks everyone! If you want to follow my blog, you just have to click on "Join This Site" in the upper right hand corner or subscribe via email. To celebrate, I think I am might have my first giveaway next week!

Have a good weekend! The 5K is Sunday morning so while you are at church on Sunday, send a prayer my way! :)


  1. Good luck on your run. I hope you feel better. Enjoy the weekend.

  2. AHH, Target Field! I'm a Minnesota native who's been going to school in Illinois for the last four years, so I haven't made it to the new field yet. From all the pictures I've seen, though, it looks incredible. :) Also if you're looking for a fun run and feel like doing a 10K, there's a "Women Rock!" race in Minneapolis on Labor Day weekend where you get champagne and chocolate at the end, and hot firefighters hand you your medal. I'm going to try the half marathon! :)

  3. I just found your blog. What got my attention was Cows....I LOVE cows. I love cows so much that I slept with a stuffedd cow until I had kids and then designed a tattoo of the stuffed cow (his name is Cowvin btw). As I readd your blog I saw you mention nail polish, which is another addiction of mine. Have you tried the Sinful colors brand? Its at Rite Aide and Target I think. For only 2.00 it sure has staying power, and great coverage