Thursday, March 29, 2012

3.2 Miles

Here's a little secret about me...I don't really work out.

I am one of those tiny little people who somehow got blessed with a super high metabolism.

But...I am now 23. And that super high metabolism is slowly disappearing.

And unfortunately, I am an exercise novice. For 22 years of my life, I didn't have to workout, so I didn't. To give myself a little credit, about twice a year, I convince myself I need to get in shape and I then go to the gym twice. And for the other 361 days of the year, I  convince myself that walking fast will keep me skinny. (I promise I can speedwalk with the best of them.)

But there is this little bug in my ear that always reminds me....while I may still wear the same size pants as high school and I have almost successfully cut chips & dip and Oreos out of my diet...I still am not in shape.

So with that little nugget weighing down on me, I decided I should run a 5k. (It is one of my 101 in a 1001 goals after all!) So first, I convinced my best friend to run it with me. And then I paid my $33 entry fee. And best of all, I convinced my husband that if I ran it I got to buy myself a little present for motivation.

And then after I did all that, I realized I really stink at running.

Like really, really stink at it.

More like I didn't think I could physically run.

In fact, it took me one month to build up to .5 miles in a row. Yes, you are reading that right. .5 miles.

And then last weekend, something big happened. I convinced my husband to go on a run/walk with me and he taught me a little secret. (I desperately want to stop calling it a run/walk, but I also refuse to lie to myself.)

I guess I have been doing it all wrong. I assumed that running was running. That I should run the only way I've ever run -- fast. 

You see, I have only ran around bases on a softball diamond or up in down the gym doing killers during basketball practice. I never have run for pleasure and so I ran cheek to cheek (who knows what I am talking about?) just as fast as I could just like I have always done. And, as a result, I couldn't go more than a half a mile without nearly dying.

Then my husband taught me to jog. 

Do you know I can run almost 2 miles IN A ROW when I jog? I am not kidding you. It's amazing.

I know I'm a long way way from 3.2 miles one month from now, but folks it's a start. And I can see a light at the end of the tunnel.

luckily this is on my path. it's some beautiful motivation.

The 5k is a month away from today. I am being realistic and I don't know if I will be able to get to 3.2 in the next 30 days, but it feels good to actually be working towards a goal and knowing that I am relying on something more than speedwalking to stay skinny. :)

So, if anyone has an advice for a running newbie like me, feel free to share. Honestly, I am not following a program. Is it a must? I am using iMapMyRun and I really like it so far. Any other must have apps? And any great song suggestions to download. I love good motivation!

P.S. Just to let you know how big of a dork my husband is: On our Sunday run, he wore he old tennies and long, thick green dress socks. WHAT?!? 

And for some reason I still love him. <3 

Hopefully that mental picture holds you over until next time,



  1. I can relate to this way too much ... I've never had to work out but feel I should really start and have NO clue where to start!!

    PS. Love the New Blog Look!

    - Laura

  2. You make me laugh!! I love that you were gunning it at full pace everywhere. And now - 2+ miles!! That's good. You'll be fine for the 5k. Remember to pace yourself (go slower than you think!) and watch your breathing. You'll have fun.