Monday, April 9, 2012

Instagram Is Facebook's Baby

It only cost them $1 billion.
Did you hear the news?

Our favorite social media site is now the progeny of Mark Zuckerberg and it only cost him his arm & his left leg & his right lung. 
{via Tech Crunch}
But let's be serious, to Facebook, a billion dollars is petty cash.

I am a little apprehensive about the purchase, but I am forcing myself to be optimistic because:

1. Facebook promises that they are letting Instagram be it's own great self, and
2. I don't hate Facebook changes as much as the rest of the world (I actually like the new layout). Maybe they can help make Instagram even better?

I doubt it though, because literally, Instagram is a perfect iPhone app in my book. My life would be blah without it.

Here are some of my recent faves:

{it's spring at Carleton College!}
{luckily, Marko already owns that stylish shirt}
{march 16th | hello summer!?}
{winner, winner! look at the trophy!}

What do you think of the purchase? Was it worth 1 billion big ones? Do you think Facebook is going to wreck it? 

And by the way, are you an Instagramer? Send me your username so I can give you a follow! Plus, you can follow me at jamielmay. But be warned, you will get some cow pictures! :)



  1. My user name is Boomerbear on Instagram. And I wish I had that kind of chump change just laying around!

  2. Here's another look at the drama -- is Facebook becoming uncool?

  3. Oh Jamie! Thanks for the info! I do love love love Instagram!! I will look for you. I am amycoolidge85. Love your recent pics!