Friday, April 6, 2012


Something about Friday just puts an extra skip in my step. Wouldn't you agree?

As I eluded to yesterday, I am beyond excited for this weekend. It's jam-packed full of family and there is nothing more important to me than them. I don't know who I inherited the trait from me, but if there is a family event I will do about anything to be there. I think it's because they are such a pick-me-up. In other situations, slightly introvert Jamie comes out sometimes and wears me down....

I am also ready for this to be my last Friday of wimpy lunches. Don't get me wrong Starbucks, your cheese & fruit bistro box is good, but I would much rather have the chicken pita. But hey, there's a reason for the season, so I am not complaining.

And finally, I need to talk a little running. But it's not me that we are talking about today. Remember yesterday, I was super excited that I ran nearly 2 miles (without stopping thank you very much!)? Well, this guy named Dane Rauschenberg is running 350 miles this week. Makes my two miles seem a little childish...

350 Miles?!? I'm not kidding. 

Dane once ran 52 marathons in 52 weeks, and I guess he needed a little more of challenge. The best part is that he is fueling himself with BEEF (you know, that great source of protein, iron & zip). He somehow is finding time to blog and stop and visit schools to promote lean beef, as if running 350 miles in 7 days isn't enough. You can read all about his journey here, it's pretty cool.

Well, I am almost out of my fruits & cheese lunch, so I am off! But have a great weekend, hopefully I can find time to share some exciting news about last weekend, but I am not promising anything. There is a beautiful forecast and a holiday to celebrate, so I am might be busy! :)

Happy Easter to all of you!



  1. i would fall over if i ran just a bit! that is a cool story and a great cause.

  2. Your two miles might be less than 350 but the fact remains you did an amount that excited YOU. That is all that matters.

    Keep striving. :) - Dane