Thursday, April 19, 2012

Mexico Family Vacation

While on my blogger hiatus this winter, I enjoyed a little rest and relaxation in Mexico.

It was fabulous.

If you are immediately thinking that it was for a honeymoon, I am squashing that thought immediately. It was a family vacation with the Purfeerst family. Family vacations can never be considered as honeymoons, in my book, at least.

Anyway, we spent a week soaking up the sun in Riviera Maya's RUI Palace. If you are looking for a winter vacay, I highly recommend it. It was my first "all-inclusive" vacation, and while I did get a little sick of the amazing guacamole and prime rib suppers by the 7th day, I will never complain about fabulous food and no dishes. Oh...and did I mention the free margaritas and piƱa coladas at your fingertips? And sunshine? And reading on the beach?

I finally got around to making the family vacation photo book I was in designated to be in charge of it and I wanted to share some of my favorite pictures/layouts with you.
{i love shutterfly photo books. good bye photo album & hello technology.}
You know, to make you jealous. And to motivate you to book your own family vacation. Once in your life, everyone should do a family vacation like this. The whole time I kept imagining my family there. We don't do water, or relaxing, but I still think it would be fun. :)

{isn't that a cute brother/sister picture?!}

{pics from our Mayan adventure trip - ziplines, jungles, rappelling & snorkeling.}
{misty, matt, mark & jim went scuba diving. luckily unfortunately, my ear kept me on shore.}
{we took a trip to the tulum ruins during our excursion trip. btw, mayan calendar mystery was solved.}
{can yo say tequila!?}

I made the book using the Shutterfly custom photo book program, which I love. I love their colorful layouts and I especially love that I have full control. I can go in and size any picture or override any layout. For someone with a little design background, that flexibility is nice. I made some really great wedding ones for my parents, too.

However, I am not loving my Shutterfly customer service lately. When I say it finally got to me, I mean it was two weeks late. But, hey, it turned out fabulous and I am actually making another one for myself (this one's for my MIL). Normally, I am a big Shutterfly fan. Hopefully, they redeem themselves next order.

Any other Shutterfly fans out there? Have you seen their new iPhone covers? I think it will be my next purchase. And more importantly, who here is Mexican vacation veterans? Have any suggestions for an actual honeymoon?

I am not letting my husband forget that we still have one of those to check off our list too! :)



  1. Oh, I LOVE Shutterfly!! Love your books, they look great! I too did a book of our wedding pics for my parents and my inlaws for Christmas last year and with the coupons and the discounts and such, I saved almost $50. Every time I get a coupon in my email, I just want to order stuff for no reason!

  2. love the book! i use shutterfly here and there. i am putting pictures together for my kids to make books for their 18th birthdays. thanks for sharing..