Thursday, March 3, 2011

The List Continues.

It's time to get serious about this list, so here is 21-60. :)

21. Run a 5k.
22. Work out 2 times per week for 10 weeks.
23. Stop drinking pop.
24. Get my ears fixed.
25. Lose 7 pounds.
26.Golf 9 holes.
27. Join a gym.
28. Drink 4 glasses of water/day for 20 days straight.
29. Rollarblade down the Cannon Trail.
30. Keep room clean for 2 weeks straight. Twice.

Things to Own
31. Purchase Adobe Creative Suites.
32. Buy a business suit I love and feel powerful in.
33. Own the complete Sex & The City series.
34. Buy a car that I trust in the winter.
35. Own a new DSLR camera.
36. Splurge on another pair of Sperry's...or two. :)
37. Resole my boots and then buy a new pair.
38. Own my own sewing machine.

Things To Do
39. Watch 3 classic movies I have never seen.
40. Sleep in a tent.
41. Visit a museum in Minnesota, another state and another country.
42. Tip someone 100%.
43. Go to the Renaissance Festival.
44. Plant a garden.
45. Visit 3 local winemakers.
46. Do the Old Chicago Beer Tour (or at least two mini-tours).
47. Eat dinner at 5 new restaurants.
48. Attend a live taping of a show.
49. Send 8 emails/cards/notes to my France family.
50. Support a political candidate I believe in.

Things To Learn
51. Learn how to swim.
52. Learn one new word for 365 days.
53. Learn how to shoot a gun.
54. Attempt to ski. :)
55. Learn how to play pinochle.
56. Perfect 3 songs on the piano.
57. Learn basic French.
58. Make a Kate Ries bag...actually, make two.

59. Go to Church 2 times per month.
60. Pray with God everyday.

See 1-20 here and 61-101 here.

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