Friday, March 25, 2011

Adventure, Please

Life has hit a lull.

And unfortunately, I don't see anything exciting to spice it up in the near future.

It depresses me slightly. And I need to fix it. Soon.

Let me start this by saying, I should have known this was going to happen. In fact, for the last month I have been trying to mentally prepare for it, but clearly to no avail.

I am bored with life. Wedding plan is just not that exciting for me I guess?

Here is the problem, I need to go SOMEWHERE! Anywhere! My life has been this big old race for the last four years. I had a trip at least once a month, even if it was just back to Randolph, MN. But most of the time, it was on a plane or in a van or on a very long and extended car ride. And as much as I hated packing, I loved traveling.

Or I should say I love traveling and I need to go somewhere soon or I am going to go nuts.

So any advice? I have the next three weekend frees? I am thinking maybe Florida on April 9th? Sure, it's random, but it is somewhere warm for less than $200. I think I could do it.

Or does anyone know of a town Mark and I should go explore? Maybe in Wisconsin or Illinois or South Dakota? Maybe we should go see Mount Rushmore?

Part of me thinks I am crazy and some people might think that these places are not so exciting, but here's the truth, if I haven't ever been there, it could be an adventure. And realistically, you can't go to France for every vacation.

But I wouldn't mind going there for my honeymoon. (That's a very obvious hint to the man planning it.) 

So, I will let you know what I decide. But, if anyone at all has any ideas, please let me know. I need to plan something so I have something to get excited about, because this girl needs something more than just the weekend to look forward to.

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