Tuesday, March 8, 2011

I Had A Bad Day

If I was a singer and was on American Idol, there would be my favorite James Blunt song playing in the background right now.

Man, did I have a bad day. I think you could safely call it the worst work day in my short history of working at BEEF (I have to be specific because there was some nasty day at B-Wangs). Anyway it was terrible.

I could go on for about 600 words (which – for a fun fact – is one full page in the publication world) about how rotten my day was. There was such terrible communication which made a tough job that was looking nasty even worse. Gosh, it was awful.

Okay, rant is over.

I can only be mad for so long and I don't have time to waste on being crabby and everyone is sick of listening. I had some good in this day that I need to focus on. I was able to get drinks with Katie and Alyssa, hang out with Avery May (who cutely exclaimed a new shirt was adorable!) and relax with my mother on the couch. Oh and while I relaxed I worked, because I am vowing that tomorrow will go better.

Every once in a while we all need to have a bad day in order to remember to appreciate the good. And I have a lot of good to be thankful for, including tommorrow.

P.S. It's International Women's Day? If you live in this world and are a lady, here is to you! :)

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