Saturday, March 26, 2011

Harry Hunters

(FYI: This post is long & probably not meant for guys.)

I need to start by admitting something, I have a secret crush on Prince Harry.

I always have and probably always will. Ever since I was little, I secretly dreamed about him coming to Randolph, MN; meeting me and then falling madly in love. I never quite decided if I was going to move to England or not though.

But then, I met Mark and decided he was as close to as a prince as I was going to get (gross, eww, stop being sappy) and gave up the dream.

Every once in while, when Mark isn't being so princely, I still think maybe one day I will run into the red-headed Prince. But, reality is...I most likely never will even see him from a distance, but hey, a girl can dream.

Recently though, I found there is this whole group of women that are doing a lot more than dreaming. Don't get me wrong, I think every women should be assertive, but more in the "I want to succeed in my job and life and I am going to do what it takes" kind of way rather than the "I am going to move to England, study the royal family's every move and try to marry Prince Harry" kind of way.

Woah. Have you started to think I am crazy yet? Are you thinking I am pulling your leg? Because I am not. There are "Harry Hunters." It's crazy.

So here's what happened. A couple of days ago, I found this story. Being a Prince Harry fan myself, I proceeded to tweet this, "IF I wasn't engaged and happily in love, I would be one of these girls, no doubt. "

The replies I got back were hilarious and made my day. Given, I think one girl was just like me and wasn't at all serious about booking a flight, but some of them were there doing it.  And by doing it, I mean hunting Harry. One girl who replied was asked to be on a "Harry Hunter" show (she turned it down because she didn't want to be an arse) and her whole twitter feed is dedicated to Harry talk. Where he is, what he is wearing, what kind of kisser he would be.

I followed her for about 10 minutes, but my ag related Twitter feed that only really can handle Kim Kardashian and People Magazine gossip, just couldn't take it. It was just too much.

Still, I hope she finds Harry. I mean I give them credit. At least they have a plan, it just isn't too realistic. Especially, because one of them said she was engaged! I guess Plan B is better than a maybe never Plan A?

Oh, another reason he is a catch. Look he likes cows. ;)

By the way, some people like Prince Williams. Me? Not so much a fan. Kate can have him without a fight! Hope you enjoyed the new information. Follow #royalwatchers on Twitter if you want to know more! Hope you had a great weekend!

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