Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Rest In Peace

It's been a sad week in our little community. So many accidents, so many deaths and so many unnecessary heartbreaks. Too many people that were only my age said goodbye to life this week and it just isn't fair. Kids are supposed to out live their parents, not the other way around.

I have been saying a lot of extra prayers the past few days. Prayers for the families that are dealing with so much heartache, prayers for the friends that have to deal with the permanent empty space in their lives and prayers for communities who are mourning their loss. And I also have been saying a lot of prayers for the people who might be in the same situation somewhere else that we don't even know of.

I have been extremely lucky to never lose someone extremely close to me and I hope I never do. Sure, I know death is inevitable and one day everyone is going to die. I get that, but I sure hope they aren't 25 years old with a whole world left to live.

The families in Northfield, Kenyon and the surrounding areas that have faced such unnecessary hardship have been in my thoughts all week. I hope this is the end. I hope that from now on I read obituaries about 80-year-old grandpas that have already conquered the world.

And to each and every soul that was taken far too early this week, rest in peace.

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