Friday, February 25, 2011

The Tradition

If any of you happen to be followers of some of my dear friends from North Dakota, then this blog is a repeat. However, if you aren't lucky enough to know the secret that the B. Williams has a blog :), I will help you out and show you this gorgeous print.

Now, I understand this picture probably doesn't do the cowhide and barn wood framed picture justice, but I still like the words an awful lot.

"Some folks just don't get it. They think owning cattle makes no sense. It takes too much time, too much equipment, not to mention the expense."

Man, isn't that the truth. But (and that is a big but), it still was the best thing I ever did and you can bet my little kids are going to little cattle-showing, livestock-judging, 4-H junkies, too.

"But, the fondest memories of life-they might think sounds funny-was made possible by Mom and Dad, 'cause they spent the extra money."

And in the far far future, when the little Purfeersts hit the show circuit, you better watch out because if their father has anything to say about it...their going to be darn competitive too. :) 

Mark and I both know that showing cattle brought our families closer together, gave us some of our best friends we could ever have and it taught us the work ethic and values it takes to make it in this world and we want our future kids to have all that as well.

"You see, the most important lessons helping values grow so strong, come from loving cattle...and passing the tradition on."

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