Monday, February 14, 2011

Part 2: A Country Girl's Wedding Registry

I failed miserably at my wedding registry post last week, but don't worry, you won't be disappointed this week.

My second item on my dream wedding registry should be a staple in every woman's kitchen and I don't plan to survive (or cook) without this thing, I first just have to figure out how to buy it.

Let me first explain, there is a bit of history with this week's gift and it goes all the way across the ocean.  When I was in France, I had a host mom who was a great cook (read this blog).  She could make just about anything you could wish for and it was always always amazing...and the best part of all, it took her barely any work.  Her secret?  The Thermomix TM 31.

The first time I set eyes on this thing, I was dumbfounded.  Now understand, there was quite a language barrier the first few weeks and when my host mom pointed at this little machine every time I asked her how she made supper, I thought she was crazy! :)  It took me a few weeks, but I quickly learned how impressive this thing really was.  It cooks, chops, dices, blends, bakes, steams, weighs, whips, blends, emulsifies, kneads and then best of basically cleans itself when you're done.
The Thermomix TM 31 is a "complete kitchen" and literally was used more then her stove, oven and microwave combined.  It was amazing and I need it.

The glitch comes at the "I need" part.  Not only is the Thermomix a little pricey ($1,500), but it is almost impossible to find.  Foodies across the United States are raving about it and everyone wants one, but you can't just go online and buy it.  You need to purchase it from an independent representative and there aren't many of those in North America.  In fact, after doing some research, it appears like the only one may be in Florida.

Regardless of a few challenges, I promise this super kitchen is worth the cost and the struggle to get it.  I want one so bad that if I was a little kid I would lay on the aisle at the store and scream and kick until I got it.  But, I am not a little kid anymore, so instead, I am just going to save my pennies and splurge one day.  And, this is one splurge Mark can't complain about because I promise it is going to benefit him in the end. 

Hopefully, I shared with you a little secret that enticed you to look a little further.  Check out this blog, this blog, and this website for more information.  If for some reason, you want to run to France and pick me up a Thermomix, please do!  It honestly would be my favorite gift for life and I you would have a permanent invitation to dinner at my house!  Until then, I will keep dreaming. :)

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