Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Meet Bill Donald

I have been doing a lot of video stuff at work and I thought I would share some it with all of you. The video work is all new to me and I am learning as I go, but I am really enjoying doing it.  This feature of NCBA President, Bill Donald is my favorite so far. Click here to watch it.  

Speaking of NCBA, I am at the NCBA Annual Convention all week in Denver, Colorado.  I am excited to catch up with some friends, get intimidated by the amount of people and go outside of my comfort zone.  Plus, I will get to work a lot and learn a lot.

While I am gone, head over to our Facebook site for updates and/or our website for new videos and articles from the show.

I owe all of you a big thanks for supporting everything I do at BEEF.  I have officially been a full-time employee for over a month and I still really enjoy what I am doing...which I think is a good sign!  If you are going to be at NCBA, stop by booth 5105 to say hi!

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