Thursday, February 24, 2011

101 in 1001- The List

Let me yell it off the rooftop--I HAVE A LIST!

However, I need to pack my clothes for a cattle show and I really don't want to type all 101, you are getting only ten. Sorry, but I have to take this slow.

So I present you, 10 of 101 in 1001. :)

1. Get married. (You have to start with something easy.)
2. Have a dinner date party with couple friends.
3. Take dancing lessons as a couple.
4. Go see a musical/play.
5. Go to a comedy club.
6. Surprise Mark with breakfast five times.
7. Spend a whole weekend lounging in bed.
8. Take a anniversary trip.
9. Call Mark every morning on my way to work for two weeks straight.
10. Go on a sushi date.

Well, I have time and you might be curious, so I guess I will do 20 of 101 in 1001, too.

11. Take cattle to Louisville.
12. Own my own heifer.
13. Donate to the NDSU Judging Club.
14. Coach a 4-Her to the top 10 in state judging.
15. Become a member of the Young Producer Council.
16. Become a member of a breed association.
17. Judge five shows.
18. Respond to five articles related to the beef industry.
19. Write three agvocate blogs per month for 5 months.
20. Make all the breeding decisions on my own heifer...and get a calf. (I better get a move on #12.)

But that is it, no more! I am going to pack! Have a great weekend! I will be washing cattle, blowing cattle, fitting cattle and probably enjoying some cold drinks with friends! Can't wait!

See 21-59 here and 60-101.

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