Monday, January 31, 2011

A Country Girl's Wedding Registry

A date has made this marriage thing official and I am pretty darn excited to get the rest of my life started as Mrs. Purfeerst.  ahhhhhh....that sounds weird huh?

Just a random side note, I am going from a perfectly pronounceable last name to a guaranteed screw-up every time...that will be fun.

In light of the upcoming nuptials, I decided to do a little weekly blog entry called "A Country Girl's Wedding Registry."  Throughout the posts, I guarentee you there will be some ridiculous expensive gifts and some perfectly logical ones and I promise they won't often be found at Target.

However, we can all dream big and maybe it will give all of you some ideas for your own selves.  It's okay to splurge now and again! :)

So, drum roll please.... :)

The first item on the dream registry is a good one.

My friend crystal.cattle has featured on her blog a few times and as soon as I looked into it, I fell in love.

 I can just see a sign like this hanging outside of our house.  Of course, ours would need to have a black cow on it and read "Pufeerst Farms" "since 1866" on it and preferably be a bit more green, but those are just details!

The point of the matter is that this would be an amazing gift! :)

Check out their Facebook page for more information!  I bet a sign like this would look great in your front yard!


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  3. Thanks! Craig, I would definitely consider that. Your site looks like a neat idea. :)