Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Super Bowl of Cattle Shows

The title may seem a little overdramatic, but in my mind, it's perfectly fitting.

I am lucky enough to have another short work week, because today I am heading to Denver!  The National Western Stock Show is in full gear and the Purfeerst family (plus me) is heading west to watch their bred heifer show in the junior and open show.  We definitely have hopes for Annabelle, but I myself am just ready to relax and see some good cattle.  Denver is the best of the best because not only are the most competitive breds from across the country there, but next year's up and coming show string make their first big appearance as well.  For a cattle nerd like me, it's heaven.

And then top it all off with all of the great people, the huge shopping center, the warm weather and the family I get to travel with and needless to say, I am pretty excited.  For me, a cattle show is really the best time to get motivated about being in this industry, and trust me I am learning pretty fast at BEEF that their is plenty to be proud of.  Plus, there will be judging going on at the same time and I have plenty of friends working in the yards so I am hoping to catch up with some old friends!

So, maybe I will see you at Denver?  Let me know if you are going and if not, watch my blog...I will have lots of updates when I get home!  I am also working for BEEF while I am out there, so check out our website for some more video posts, too.

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