Sunday, January 9, 2011

Wedding Planning

The wedding is on my mind. 

In fact, lately it is all I have been thinking about.  Why?  I need to pick a date!

I am quickly learning that it is nearly worthless to plan anything else without that little detail.  However, Mark and I are stuck.  We have no clue when to have it...should it be in August, November or January?  Should we do it on the farm, in FBO or in Hastings?  How many people should we have?  Who should we get to be our photographer?  What kind of food should we have?  The list goes on and on and on.  Most people have the whole thing planned by now and indecisive Mark and Jamie can't even pick a date.

I just want to scream. 

On a positive note, I have decided I am having chair covers. :)

However, after spending the day at the wedding fair, I know there is much more to decide than that...and hopefully it starts with a date, or at least a month.  And hopefully that gets picked soooooon. 

Feel free to cast your vote.  Fun farm wedding in August, gorgeous smaller fall wedding or big winter wedding?  I have no preference any more, I make a new decision every day and change it the next.  One day, I will get married...just at this rate, not any time soon!  Wish me luck!

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