Thursday, May 5, 2011

Weekly Wedding Update: 6 Months Away

6 months.

6 months? 6 months? 6 months?

6 months until we get married.


Breathe. We are going to be fine. Relax.

Practice those words and tell me when I start hyperventilating in five minutes.

I am not rewriting the list, because nothing has changed. Except I am not doing Save the Dates (so make a mental note and save the date that is 6 months from now!), I am hopefully getting a video done and I have some things figured out about desserts.

Now, please understand I am not in panic mode because I am nervous about marrying Mark. Marrying Mark doesn't make me one bit nervous, it's the planning that does. I can't wait to marry Mark and I am pretty sure he can't wait to marry me (or least that is what he tells me). I can't wait to go home everyday & see him, I am so looking forward to cooking supper for two with him and folding laundry while we watch TV and I am not even really hating the idea of changing my last name.

As he reminded me this morning, when I sent him an email to remind him that we were getting married in 6 months from the day, I am pretty darn lucky.

I have always told me friends don't be in a relationship that you aren't proud to share. Meaning, do you have a story that one day you will want to pull out the photo album and tell you grandchildren about? I do and that is what makes me so lucky.

Sure, no doubt we have had our share of ups and downs. We have moments we would do anything to take back, we have words that we wish had never been spoken and we have memories that make us cringe. There are some people, some things, some ideas that are much better left behind; but for every bad there are 100 goods.

I found guy that is annoyingly more passionate about cattle than I, who wouldn't mind watching a reasons tape for a date, who doesn't mind that I am a personal space heater, who thinks my cons are really pros and who is going to make me laugh everyday for the rest of my life (or annoy the heck out of me...the jokes might stop being funny some day?!?).

Point of the matter is, I have seven years of photo albums to show my grandkids one day. And, it's all going to start with..."See here in this picture, this is when I beat your grandpa in the Maine Anjou steer class...your grandma was always better at showing cattle then was love at first sight."

Just kidding, kind of. :)

These next 6 months could go really slow so I could somehow get everything done or they could absolutely fly by. I don't really care, one way another I have my happy ending! Hope you get yours too! Have a great weekend!

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