Thursday, May 26, 2011


“I just knew I wanted it to be big.”

Well Kris Humphries you got it.

Wonder what the heck I am talking about? Well Kim Kardashian got engaged last week and if you haven’t heard yet she got a 20.5 carat ring.



I just can’t get my head around that. When you get a ring that big, you can stop wearing other jewelry altogether. None of it will matter; all anybody will do is look at your left hand.

And goodness that thing has to be heavy. I am not telling you how big my ring is (it’s not NEARLY as big as Kim’s) but I find it to be a little overwhelming somedays. Now multiple that shine and that weight by LOTS and you have Kim Kardashian’s left hand.

Photo via People Magazine

Now, right now, my simple self is saying, "that poor girl!" I am sure though she is thinking otherwise. Kardashians don’t do anything small (trust me…I used to be addicted to their show!).

All in all, lucky girl, you know Kim is going to rock it.  But still OMG...20.5 carat. That’s hard for me even to fathom…it’s almost the size of a legit rock I would pick from the field.
Okay, exaggeration. But it’s darn big.

So here is to Kim & Kris. Hopefully the wedding is as over the top as the ring..

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