Sunday, May 15, 2011

Weekly Wedding Update: Real Or Fake?

Remember last week, when I hated wedding planning?

Well, I have done a 180. Thanks to a trip to Micheal's and the rediscovery of Etsy.

Who knew that it's super easy to find "vintage chic" decorations? I literally feel on top of the wedding planning world. I want to get married tomorrow and then the next weekend and the next because I think it's going to be so gorgeous that it could be on repeat again and again.

Anyway, more about that another day. (However, if you don't know about Etsy...don't wait, check it out today.)

Today, I have a serious question for all of you. Should I do real or fake flowers?

My mom and Mark's mom say real. I say fake.

Here's my logic:
  1. I want really expensive real flowers that supposedly are pretty fragile. If they're fake, they all of sudden become durable.
  2. I would have something at the end of the night. With real flowers, I throw them away...$200 down the drain in some way. With fake, I could have them forever. 
  3. I know exactly what they look like. Florists make me nervous. They have this vision in their head, but it's almost impossible to show that to me...until 11 a.m. on my wedding day and if I hate them, I hate them.
  4. Plus, how can you not love that bouquet? It's perfect in every way.
So, please voice your opinion. What do you think? Can I get away with it? Or am I crazy? Are you an Etsy shopper too and have some suggestions for me? I would love to hear from you!

And by the way, I am sorry I have not been replying back to comments. My Blogger won't let me comment anymore!? Does anyone know how to fix this? But truly, I love every comment I get makes my day!


  1. I went real, and I still have them 5 years later. I hung them upside down in the closet, and sprayed them with hairspray to keep them from falling apart, and ever so often I spray them again. They of course are all dry, but I still have them to look at. :)
    Just an idea.

  2. I vote fake. I think the exact same way and unless someone is really examining them it'll be hard to notice you can get the bouquets to look very real!

  3. For your bouquet - real. Look as how simple and beautiful Catherine Middleton's bouquet was, those were not expensive flowers. Even large bouquets of babysbreath and greens is stunning, romantic and vintage looking.

    For the tables, my friends daughter did huge glass containers filled with all different size gum balls the color of the wedding! It was stunning!

    Have a wonderful weekend!