Wednesday, May 25, 2011

A Wordless Wednesday Mystery

We may have had a furry visitor.

Mamma May and I were picking up sticks last week in our trees and found these.

I am no detective, but I do know that that isn't no cow, pig, cat or dog print and that's usually all we have running around our place. 

Whatever this mystery creature was, it was also pretty heavy. Meaning it's no coyote or raccoon.

So, this is when I go all Inspector Gadget on you.

Here are our clues:
1. Whatever it was, it was heavier than me. I wasn't making prints that deep walking around the next day.
2. The paw print was bigger than my hand.
3. It had some serious claws.
4. It looked like it could have crawled up a tree.
5. My parents woke up early Saturday morning to our cows just freaking it out. They were running back and forth in the pasture and my Dad could not get them to calm down and he had no clue why.
6. There has been a bear spotted in our area lately.

Guess, I probably should have told you the last one first?!

Maybe Mark is right and maybe I have a wild imagination, but I am pretty darn sure it was a bear.

But like I said, I am no detective and I am definitely no bear expert. What do you think? Did we have a visit from the roaming mystery bear? Are we lucky it wasn't hungry and didn't eat one of our new baby calves?

Who really knows....I am just hoping it whatever it was, that it roamed itself right out of here.

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