Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Wordless Wednesday: FFA Family

Lately, little brother Jason has been the star of the show.

Between baseball (ranked 4th in state), plays, prom, cattle shows, livestock judging, picking a college and an upcoming graduation...the list could go on and on and on. The point is he is basically our own personal celebrity and...Ann May is his paparazzi running around capturing every moment.

Until Monday that is, when Grandma swept in and stole the show. Gma Niebur has left quite a legacy in the little town of Randolph (and in my life.) You see, she and grandpa had TEN kids. All ten kids went to Randolph. Then all of those 10 kids had kids and most of those grandchildren when to Randolph. She's been a staple at every baseball game, prom, play, grandparent's day, band concert, graduation and FFA banquet at Randolph for many, many years.

Jason is the end of her Randolph dominance (of course, she's lucky and has some great-grandkids roaring and ready to plague the hallways with our usual ruckus, but it will be a little while). So, in honor of her years of dedication and the end of an era, Grandma (Grandma Dixie as most call her) got a pretty big honor at the latest Randolph FFA Banquet--she was given her Honorary Chapter Degree. We're pretty proud of her...and she was pretty mad no one warned her! :)

Just in our family, Grandma has three FFA presidents and one vice president (I know I was a slacker!), probably bought thousands of dollars in fruit, donated hundreds of bushels of corn and listened to Ed Terry ramble off all those chapter degrees way too many times. In my opinion, that last one alone makes her deserving of a honorary degree!

It's amazing how important grandparents are in your life and my grandma is pretty darn special. She's sometimes ornery, she speaks her mind, she's the greatest euchre player around and she is the most honest and caring person I have ever known. I haven't met a single person who doesn't love her and I want to grow up to be her.

By the way, good job little brother on being the Chapter Star Farmer. I guess there is a reason you're the star lately?

And yes, I know it's supposed to be a "wordless" Wednesday, but I couldn't help it. It needed some words...even thought I am sure our good-looking selves could have been good enough!


  1. What a sweet blog you have! I really enjoy reading about other parts of the country. I'm from New England. I've been enjoying reading your posts. Sounds like the wedding planning is taking up some time! Enjoy it! You won't know what to do with your free time after! LOL!!!

    I'm your newest Follower and I had a nice time reading your posts. Please stop by when you have a moment, I love company and new friends are always welcome. I've enjoyed my visit today!