Friday, May 27, 2011

A Birthday Wish List

My family has been good enough to remind me this week that once you turn 23, birthdays aren't a big deal.

I disagree. Birthdays are always a big deal.

So in honor of the big day...which is's the wish list I promised!

Ever since Miss Crystal Young shared these gorgeous bags on her blog, I have been in love. Luckily Mark knows about my obsession and reads Crystal's blog and hopefully, he's been picking up my not so subtle hints.

I love boat shoes. I currently have about 3 pairs, but two are soo worn out and one is a work pair. I need some new ones and I am thinking I maybe should add a little color to my life. What do you think? Do you like? I think they might be a birthday present to myself. And, I just noticed 10% off this week only because it's boating safety week! Can you say perfect?!

I shouldn't even have to explain. It's gorgeous.

4. Crest White Strips

No joke. I really really really want some, but I am too cheap to spend the 35 bucks.

5.  A BIG Camera Card
I have been rolling on a 256 MG camera card for the last 4 years. I actually think I bought it before GB cards were made. Regardless, it's too small and I need an upgrade fast. I am sick of only being able to hold 20 pictures on my camera; some nights just require more than that.

6. Vera Bradley Bag
I have always wanted this bag. I still want this bag. And I am probably going to continue to want this bag for a while. I think this would be the ultimate travel bag. It would look great in the goose of a cattle trailer and on the airplane. That is important to me.

Now, I could probably continue on, but 1. I don't want to be selfish (there are so many other people out there that need a lot more right now; my prayers go out to everyone impacted by the terrible weather) and 2. I realistically know that none of them are likely. In order to get the gifts on your birthday, you should share your birthday list a little bit before the day before...but hey, Christmas isn't that far away right?

Have a great Friday and a great holiday weekend!


  1. I hope you get your bag! And have you seen the silver Sperrys. They are amazing!

  2. Hey! I have been trying to find a link to buy those pink sperrys but i cant find them anywhere online! Do you know where I could get them? They are so adorable!