Monday, May 2, 2011

Could You Live Without FB?

I have told you this before and I will say it again. I really like infographics.

They are catchy, easy to read and usually have a pretty astounding point to show. I read this one today in the PR Daily Newsletter and I thought you might like to know what your world would be like without Facebook.

Sure, you might be an anti-Facebooker who doesn't have time, thinks it's stupid or just strongly believes it's ruining the world; but more than likely, your like me. It's part of your life. It is how you find information, know what your friends are doing and how you stay in touch. In my world,  Facebook/Twitter/ect. are the norm. I don't think it makes my generation "anti-social," instead, I believe it's our way to gather information, just like watching the 9 o'clock news might be yours.

So if your like me, ask yourself, what would your life be like with Facebook?

A World Without Facebook

[Via: Single Grain]

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