Friday, April 29, 2011

Weekly Wedding Update

Someone once told me that wedding plan was going to be much fun. And I replied, doubtful.

Wedding planning is not for me. Thank goodness I have my mom and sister. Cathy made me wait for months to announce that I could be her maid of honor...and I was planning on her long before I even got a ring. Why? Well Cathy waited so long to ask because she knew I would be a terrible assistant and I so intently chose her because I knew she would be an excellent helper.

Anyway, now that I completed that long and windy rant, to the point. A Classy Southern Wife once had a Wedding Wednesday...and I think I am going to copy her in attempt to get better at this wedding planning thing. But mine will be a Weekly Wedding Update (I am not good at posting on specific days)!

I have approximately 28 weeks (I couldn't waste my time actually counting) to whittle this extremely list down to nothing and probably add so much more it seems impossible and then whittle it down again.'s completely gone and I get to start a list of post-wedding to do lists.

Have I ever told you I really enjoy to-do-lists? Crossing things off are always more fun that actually doing them. So drumroll please...the list.
  • Get a florist.
  • Decide on flowers.
  • Get a bakery.
  • Decide on what kind of desserts.
  • Pick out wedding music.
  • Finalize wedding ceremony.
  • Get a bus to transport wedding party.
  • Find locations for pictures.
  • Decide if I am doing Save The Dates and order them.
  • Call the Cannon Winery about rehearsal dinners.
  • Ask my personal attendants.
  • Order a veil.
  • Find Avery May a flower girl dress.
  • Finish our wedding website.
  • Decide on food for wedding.
  • Finalize alcohol, drinks, ect.
  • Order wine from Mark Nordstrom.
  • Decide on & order invitations.
  • Get all my addresses together.
  • Pick out music for ceremony.
  • Find purple shoes.
  • Pick out attendants gifts.
  • Make a decision on guest book/photos.
  • Book hotel room for wedding night.
  • Finish wedding registry at Macy's & Target.
  • Schedule and go to wedding retreat.
  • Meet with Father Stan to finalize details.
  • Decide reception decor.
  • Find hairstylist.
  • Decide on wedding hair.
  • Get dress fitted.
AHHHHH! It's so long it makes me feel like I have nothing done, but I swear I do!

Nonetheless, I clearly have some work to do. This week it starts with a florist, save-the-dates and a cake; slowly but surely I will get this done.


  1. Oh Jamie, I totally understand where you are coming from! Enjoy the time! It's wonderful, simply wonderful!


  2. Music... My advice from when I was a DJ. Pick your song, mother daughter, father son dances and maybe a few special songs. Otherwise let the DJ do what he does and work the crowd. You'll be too busy anyway.