Monday, April 11, 2011

101 in 1001 Update

I am in a blogging rut, so I am going to stick to something basic today.

But no less important. It is time for a 101 in 1001 in update, and while the progress may seem slow...why finish everything in the first 101 days? I have a long time to go!

However, I have successfully completed a few things.

Sushi Date: Complete 
Three weeks ago I went out for a sushi date with Mark, his sister, and her boyfriend. Yum. We went to a nice place called Wasabi Fusion in the Twin Cities and it was delicious. Marko...not to much of a fan, but he choked it down. I however may become a regular consumer. :)

Join a Gym: Complete
I am officially a member of Snap Fitness, who is dutifully taking a monthly membership fee from me so I am guilted into going to the gym a least a few times a week. About a month into it, I am still a fan, but have kind stunk at going this last week, but lucky for me I usually get to hang out with Jillian Micheal when I skip my lunch workout. It's a win-win...or a lose-lose.

Go to Church 2X a Month: Complete
Well, it's complete so far. It's not done yet. I have a lot of months left, but I am really happy with the pattern I have going. I have been to Church every weekend since Lent started and I really enjoy it, I usually split the time between my Church and Mark's. I am hoping my good streak continues, except I know this weekend will be just too busy to make it with MJSC, but I will be attending the Cowboy Church service so I am thinking that counts.

Plus, I have been keeping to my goals of catching up with a friend once a week (Megan Gibbs (I know you have a new last name) you are next on my list of catch ups), wrote an email to my France family, sent a dear friend a "you can make it through this stupid college crap" care package and of course, I have been working at planning a wedding.
So far so good right?!?

Have a good week! I am glad we all survived Monday! :)

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