Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Bonjour Angers!

Translating French when you don't know French is extremely difficult.  Trust me.

I am on day two with my French host family and it is an amazing experience and by amazing I do not mean easy but still great just the same.  There are so many things to adjust too...this keyboard for example is all messed up.  Excuse me if I write zqs instead of was...the W, A, Z, and M have been moved and Mr. Murray must have been a really great teacher after all because those home row keys are stuck in my head!

I am learning slowly though...tonight thank god we all loved George Clooney and Walt Disney becuase we could drink George's expresso and sing Disney songs.  Check out the French version of my favorite Mulan song that we sang tonight after dinner!

I have also learned that glaes means ice and it usually leads to ice cream and that the French don't like any water in their coffee...I definetely will be drinking my coffee black when I get back!  And even though the French word for crab translates to sea spider...it still is yummy! 

Stay tuned for some more stories from France!  I will write much more tomorrow!  I need to go call my mother!  :)

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